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Research from psychological science suggests that categorizing things abstractly into broad categories (called high-level construal) allows us to psychologically distance ourselves from the pushes and pulls of the immediate moment.
The exhibition, which ran in March and April at the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago, consisted chiefly of gorgeous large-format photos emphasizing the luminous colors of oil spread abstractly across the sea's surface.
The gentle and rather abstractly conceived atmosphere of an urban sonic walk in Andrea Dancer and Michal Kindernay's composition is followed by this bold acoustic narration and endeavour to build up a sort of sonic polyphony.
The theme--which represents the light within an interior space and more abstractly the light within us all--may result in conceptual, realistic or abstract photographs with subject matter ranging from the inside of an object or room to light shining on fabric through a window," explained Rudic.
The drawings study, which included different types of pain sufferers, found that people were equally likely to depict their pain literally as abstractly.
And yet what can I do, in the course of a notice, but gesture abstractly at a method?
However, taking intention formally and abstractly as intentionality, Hervaeus claims that intentionality is nothing but the relation of the understood thing to the intellect and its act of understanding.
Abts constructs this space abstractly, with the help of a specific color-based sense of three-dimensionality, using simultaneously vivid but muted tones.
The starting point is a traditional New Orleans housing type, the long, narrow shotgun house, which is abstractly represented through an almost exaggerated, gable roof and generous front porch.
By Michael Phillips Stars: Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, David Strathairn, Scott Glenn, Albert Finney and Joan AllenDirected by: Paul GreengrassThis 115-minute superbly kinetic action picture The Bourne Ultimatum treats its own narrative almost abstractly, as a series of hurdles to be knocked over quickly, casually, en route to the next futile attempt on Jason Bourne's life.
For years afterwards I received solicitations for similar conferences, calling for papers that conjoined politics with art, and the abstract call was, as far as I could tell, separated remotely and abstractly from anything in the known universe.
Their paintings can be described as abstractly representational and are usually images of places visited or events that have happened.
This suggests that this sample "leans" toward being more accommodating (IN-), deferential (E-), serious (F-), trusting (L-), and thinking more abstractly (B+) than adults in Cattell's normative population.
Among other things, the 11 chapters explain that young children think both concretely and abstractly, a notion largely ignored in current curricula, and that students' implicit pre-schooling knowledge of the natural world plays a critical role in their science learning.
The same autistic individuals who score near or below the IQ cutoff for "low functioning" or "mental retardation" achieve average or even superior scores on a test that taps a person's ability to infer rules and to think abstractly about geometric patterns, Mottron's team reports in the August Psychological Science.