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of an abstracting nature or having the power of abstracting

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Abstractive models of morphological description contrast with constructive approaches, which differ morphotactically in terms of the status that they assign to different units in language.
Several neural network abstractive and extractive based models have been proposed [20].
The important truth that has escaped the self-absorbed ways of the modern-day thinker is the reality that the poor are not in need of the beauty and magnificence of abstractive thought, but of the pragmatic solutions to problems that have made human life insufferable.
They build this hybrid architecture using an ensemble of connectionist networks- radial basis functions (RBF) and inductive decision trees (DT), which combines the merits of 'holistic' template matching with those of 'abstractive' matching using discrete features and subject to both positive and negative learning.
Weston, "A Neural Attention Model for Abstractive Sentence Summarization," 2015, https:// arxiv.org/abs/1509.00685.
The deterministic, mechanistic and abstractive vision of knowledge and science developed since Descartes and Galileo left no space for non-observable, non-quantifiable and non-universal subjects as qualitative personal experience (Barrett, 1990; Spiegelberg, 1972).
On the contrary, deliberately "overreading" The Defense, he draws from it a model of narrative art that relies in equal parts on an "abstractive function" responsible for representation, and an "expressive function" that imparts a dimension of felt experience to this representation.
However, it might be more useful to start thinking of the Gothic itself as a particular instantiation of a much larger phenomenon, a post-Enlightenment recourse to the pre-modern in general--noble savages, hearts of darkness, "Oriental" barbarity, West Indian Obeah--with a view to interrogating the abstractive, deracinating, and depersonalizing impact of modernity.
I will argue that the reason that beauty has this unique dual quality is because the beautiful object possesses an excess of intelligibility: as a result, while beauty transcends human abstractive powers, the orderly perfection of the object is nevertheless connaturally recognized.
Metaphor, as Langer (1957) noted, "is our most striking evidence of abstractive seeing, of the power of human minds to use presentational symbols" (p.
(29) So, the abstractive process is the result of an operation based on the isolation of a property that is common to more individual objects, and this process ends with the formation of a class of individuals that possess this determined property.
Reno notes, "Bible scholars who offer theological comment tend to reach for the most abstractive and de-particularized formulations" (p.
The second volume in the Nature as Art series offers a unique comparison between landscape and natural topographic photo images and the abstractive paintings of Vickers.
Abstractive accounts about the link between EI and customer evaluations of service have been provided in the past (e.g., Goleman, 1998) but clear empirical evidence has been lacking.