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of an abstracting nature or having the power of abstracting

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Keywords: Duns Scotus; intuitive and abstractive cognition; imago Dei; angelic cognition.
Abstractive accounts about the link between EI and customer evaluations of service have been provided in the past (e.
Bien que l'oeil entraine capte la force et la surete du trait sous la substance et les accords de la couleur, la peinture abstractive affirme sa singularite par sa densite et la texture de la matiere.
In this latter leap any conscious processing, I would claim, needs to be seen, not as an abstractive move--a move away from the ethical, but a dynamically concrete movement out of an accepted "reality" within one existence-sphere (hence the quandary over Abraham).
To 'not believe in things' is to believe that objects are derivatives of process and their emergence is the passing result of specific modes of abstractive activity.
This paper proposes a CS-based digital forensic investigation for some abstractive abstractive e-fraud environment by visualizing and analyzing data of mobile communication devices using Formal context and Galois lattices, a data analysis technique based on Lattice Theory Propositional Calculus.
We could thus clearly visualize the passages in thought processes--from an abstractive level to another, superior or inferior.
entis and his "denial of the abstractive intelligibility of proportionate nature in relation to the analogy of being.
Based on the above simple discussion, topological structure, the most abstractive and common representative symbolic measurement system with transformation module, could be given out, which exists in two different universes and the same universe with two different variables.
Deep understanding occurs when the learner synthesizes relationships among the objects through abstractive reflection and sees this relationship as a unified concept without any direct reference to a single object.
The method to study the person should be above the normal use of the abstractive intelligence, or the intelligence limited to reason.
It has several meanings and there are many ways to describe it as it is subjected to an abstractive manner such as innovation, humility, idea, life and brand [26].
Dienes (1960) emphasises the need for 'multiple embodiments' in mathematical concept development as being necessary to produce abstractive learning rather than associative learning.
Adam seems to realize the danger of speculative reasons abstractive power, and he resolves to avoid it henceforth, practicing instead faith along with "lowly wisdom.