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an abstract genre of art


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a representation having no reference to concrete objects or specific examples

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Among Indian abstractionists, Sohan Qadri has an important place.
The brief entries deal with Hartigan's work life and her immersion in a social and professional milieu that ranged from important first generation New York School abstractionists like Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock to second generation New York School painters like Hartigan herself, Joan Mitchell, and Larry Rivers.
Through Al Loving I was introduced to a group of black painters that were all abstractionists living and working in New York City.
In contrast to the phenomenologists who argued for direct perception and knowledge whereby knowers achieve an acquaintance with objects existing independently of them, abstractionists made perceiving and knowing into creative affairs through which the world is illusory, only contacted through mental representations.
The extensive text offers a thoughtful discussion of works by European topographers, military artists, painters commissioned by the Canadian Pacific Railway, modernists, abstractionists, and much more.
We are told that "Modernism reaches its highpoint in the work of the Russian constructivists and the Bauhaus," Dadaists, surrealists, abstractionists, Mondrian, Kandinsky, Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Stravinsky, Schonberg, Joyce, Kafka, Doblin and Dos Passos--as well as "American abstract expressionist painting and French absurdist and existentialist theatre" (143).
Considering the $17-$20 admission fee, one also wishes there were more impressionist works - perhaps at the expense of a few of the early abstractionists and German/Austrian expressionists on display.
With its pleasingly expressive, if chaotic, brushwork, and discernible red duck floating over a lit cigarette, Composition ("The Duck") resembles a de Kooning rather than the hard-edged abstractionists who soon won her over.
Moreover, if Danto's diagnosis of the relation of art theories and narratives is correct, these ultimate reality abstractionists might retell the history of art as the story of progressive approximations of ultimate reality.
The fillers are mainly representational (Carver, Mason, Beattie); the emptiers are minimalists or abstractionists (Donald and Frederick Barthelme, Davenport, <IR> WALTER ABISH </IR> in his earlier pieces).
The exclusions were then denounced as "The Dictatorship of the Abstractionists.
7, features a group exhibition of works by contemporary artists Vincent de Pio, Anton del Castillo and Ram Mallari at the North Court, and a display of works by emerging abstractionists such as Caress Banson, Aldrino Abes, Jeff Dahilan, Jomar Delluba, Marco Coching, Milmar Onal, Nelson Castillo and Mischa at the Concourse Level.
This may in part stem from Aitken's insistent use of the square support, which even in the 1980s was deemed somewhat outre in representational painting (although it had been employed by a wide gamut of abstractionists from Malevich to Ryman).
The works of abstractionists such as Norman Lewis and Jack Whitten present a completely different lens from which to understand this art history.
One learns how varied were the inspirations of these pioneering abstractionists and how complex were their personal relationships; what remains unclear is why these different approaches to abstraction emerged almost simultaneously.