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an abstract genre of art


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a representation having no reference to concrete objects or specific examples

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Among Indian abstractionists, Sohan Qadri has an important place.
In common with other second generation abstractionists, Hartigan remained focused on the formal qualities of a painting, committed to abstraction, and a passionate colorist.
Through Al Loving I was introduced to a group of black painters that were all abstractionists living and working in New York City.
The main theoretical tradition for which DCT provides an alternative derives from the abstractionists such as Kant who formulated the essentials of the classic cognitive model.
The extensive text offers a thoughtful discussion of works by European topographers, military artists, painters commissioned by the Canadian Pacific Railway, modernists, abstractionists, and much more.
She sees in Kierkegaard and these three abstractionists paradoxes of representation--that all were striving to imagine the unimaginable, and, in so doing, reaffirmed the imaginable, the finite.
With its pleasingly expressive, if chaotic, brushwork, and discernible red duck floating over a lit cigarette, Composition ("The Duck") resembles a de Kooning rather than the hard-edged abstractionists who soon won her over.
Moreover, if Danto's diagnosis of the relation of art theories and narratives is correct, these ultimate reality abstractionists might retell the history of art as the story of progressive approximations of ultimate reality.
In 1953 the jury of the Deutsche Kunstlerbund excluded a number of figural artists from its third annual exhibition, evidently on the ground of their not being abstractionist. The exclusions were then denounced as "The Dictatorship of the Abstractionists." Among those excluded were some painters -Otto Dix, Max Pechstein - who a mere sixteen years earlier had been included in the notorious exhibition of Degenerate Art as exemplars of what must be extirpated as inconsistent with the kind of health and beauty Hitler simultaneously celebrated with parades and exhibition in the Haus der Kunst.
Zulueta suggested some Filipino top abstractionists with a brief explanation of each one's style: Jose Joya, whose 'Space Transfiguration' was auctioned off for P112.28 million last March, making it the most expensive Philippine painting ever sold; national artist J.
Heirs to the Ofakim Hadashim (New Horizons), a group of utopian abstractionists who arrived in Israel during the Palestine mandate, these artists generally rejected the illustrative imagery still typical of a broad reach of modern Israeli art: pictures of stalwart collectivist chalutzim and kibbutzniks, ecstatic dancing Hassidim, Rembrandtish patriarchal rabbis.
The works of abstractionists such as Norman Lewis and Jack Whitten present a completely different lens from which to understand this art history.
Unlike the gestural abstractionists of his generation, George McNeil (1908-95) did not develop a signature format-yet only he could have made each painting in this show of work from the 1960s.
'Valledor belongs to the second wave of American artists after abstract expressionism-a group famously called 'post-painterly abstractionists,' Nakpil said.
This may in part stem from Aitken's insistent use of the square support, which even in the 1980s was deemed somewhat outre in representational painting (although it had been employed by a wide gamut of abstractionists from Malevich to Ryman).