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Synonyms for abstractionist

a painter of abstract pictures

not representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature

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Indian artists have struggled long and hard, ideologically as well as financially, as much to wrench free from the naturalism of a confining colonial yoke to achieve an independent voice, whether romanticising it through the nationalist movements of the Bengal School, or through the post impressionism of Amrita Sher Gill, and the break- away guild that were the Progressives, or the modernist abstractionist engagements of the Baroda school.
They're choreographers you would never expect to see sharing a bill with Martha Graham: Modern dancer Kyle Abraham, tapper Michelle Dorrance, contemporary abstractionist Liz Gerring and Sonya Tayeh of "So You Think You Can Dance." But each has created their own version of her historical work Lamentation to premiere during Martha Graham Dance Company's season at The Joyce Theater, February 10-22.
At that time he was a painter of geometric abstracts, and the abstractionist tendency never deserted his work even when it has represented the English countryside.
Published to coincide with Bonalumi's first UK exhibition in 50 years, this monograph accompanies Robilant + Voena's retrospective of the Italian abstractionist's key period--the years 1958-76--during which he produced his iconic shaped canvases.
22 -- Kumar Gallery presents the largest ever show of important paintings by veteran abstractionist Sohan Qadri in an exhibition titled Sohan Qadri - A Retrospective: Important Paintings from 1961-2010 from September 1, 2011 till September 6, 2011 at Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, 10 a.m.
An instinctive modernist who seems never to have felt entirely at home in his native land, the Beijing-born, Shanghai-raised abstractionist immigrated to France in 1948 and settled in Paris.
This book features some of these portraits, including stunning drawings and studies in charcoal, but the emphasis is on his less-known work as designer, illustrator, and abstractionist. Art writer Thomas offers a fully developed narrative and analysis of Walters' life and work.
Jews named Adolph (apparently they tended to choose the "-ph" over the "-f"?) included such luminaries as Adolph Ochs, who bought the New York Times and whose Sulzberger family owns the paper to this day; Adolph Gottlieb, a top abstractionist painter; and Adolph Marx, known to you and me as Harpo.
Klein said he didnAAEt want to be thought of as just another abstractionist, intent on feeding his viewersAAE sensesAualthough his monochromes were at the root of so much later art that aimed to do just that.
Interestingly, Motherwell was unique among most of his colleagues as he started his career as an abstractionist and remained so all of his life.
Such thinking carries forth the abstractionist approach to cognitive processes of Newton, Kant, and Helmholtz that won out over the opposing phenomenological, nontransduction model of Goethe, Purkinje, and Hering.
Drake studied with classically trained draftsman (and pioneer Los Angeles abstractionist) Lorser Feitelson at Art Center in the 1960s, before and after his service in Vietnam.
Existence, Freedom, Identity, and the Logic of Abstractionist Realism, PETER MILNE
Anyone involved in traditional training preparation for ministers and missionaries involving "extractionistic and abstractionist forms" (p.