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Synonyms for abstractionism

an abstract genre of art


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a representation having no reference to concrete objects or specific examples

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This painting depicts another reality of the artist's creation, a composition of maternity that is lighter with happier, spring, colors, whose characteristics include a full space, without any gaps, figuration of volumes through color surfaces and shaping of figures, homogeneity of the materiality of space and figures, architecturalization of composition, elimination of the chiaroscuro, and abstractionism of its details.
The actor must achieve union, synthesis, between the universal imperative and the moral potentiality inhering in the specific case--a possibility that moral abstractionism dogmatically denies.
Of course, there have been multiple feminist theologies which have sought to reconfigure the Trinity in ways which avoid this kind of metaphysical abstractionism.
Excited about painting on the Tata Nano, Ms Sangeeta Babani plans to interpret the theme of celebration using her signature blend of realism and abstractionism, set to the vibrant color palette for which her art is known to follow.
The most important difference between psychological and economic misadventures in abstractionism pertains to consequences.
To fail to see this and to act in accord with it is to commit what we might call the fallacy of abstractionism, that is, the fallacy of believing that you can know in a more abstract form what you do not know in the particular form.
It was, then, the historical adulteration of socialist thought with this other-worldly philosophical abstractionism that started to undermine and corrode the original community and tradition-centred foundations of radical thinking.
The entire collection went from impressionism in the beginning towards surrealism, abstractionism, cubism and eroticism.
2) The aesthetics of Whistler, Mallarme, and Zola reveal a consonance of approach and sensibility in terms of color and abstractionism that traverses the boundaries between visual and textual media.
The exhibited photos represent all the Arts Schools including, the Classic, Realistic, Expressionism and the Abstractionism.
Central and East European modernism in the years 1880-1913 is often viewed as encompassing the "isms": impressionism, symbolism, cubism, abstractionism, futurism, and expressionism.
1951), also known as the "Tin Man," uses scrap steel and other metals to create sculptures--some small, some monumental--that marvelously combine the aesthetics of Modernist abstractionism with the naivete of folk art.
schools: Classicism, Realism, Romanticism Expressionism and Abstractionism.
The exposition, which included "contemporary trends", as exemplified by colorist paintings of Adam Marczynski, was severely criticized by the other delegates and hosts for its aberration of socialist realism, and turn towards abstractionism, formalism and Occidentalism.
In a similar way, William James has warned against the possibility of "vicious abstractionism," that is, allowing theory to become so far removed from practice as to become irrelevant.