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Synonyms for abstractionism

an abstract genre of art


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a representation having no reference to concrete objects or specific examples

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call 519-8240 or visit Jojo Lofranco brings his abstractionism to his sofa.
But his abstractionism is based on mystical attempts to the penetration of those worlds of faculty in which the inner light perceives the object beyond the sheaths of optical and other illusions, to essences where revelation alone can help both to realize the ultimate flavour and to communicate with it.
The reason he rejects normative abstractionism is that he thinks that it misrepresents the real nature of the higher standard.
3 Capel's Fuego collection echoes contemporary artists with abstractionism, splatters and the like.
is characterized by having intellectuals from various disciplines--sociologists, ethnologists, law specialists, historians, political economy and the science of religions--who seek to understand meaningful action, moving away from structuralist abstractionism and creating new alliances within humanism.
(32) See especially Therese Cory's critique of the standard account of abstraction either as a process of selective attention to some aspects of the phantasm or as a process of stripping the material features of the phantasm, in "Rethinking Abstractionism: Aquinas's Intellectual Light and Some Arabic Sources," Journal of the History of Philosophy 53, no.
Out of this initiatory dimension of this movement derives the huge transforming potential of expressionism, making it return as post war American abstractionism and open as a great alchemical vessel in merging different formulae of avant-garde aesthetics, resuming their active form of gestural painting (action-painting).
This he contends that abstractionism shows up the actual constructedness, thereby subjecting them to critical scrutiny and making them amenable to transformation, and suggests that realism is the primary mode of African American representational aesthetics.
the abstractionism's thesis: there are both individuals and abstract objects (universals); universals can be conceived as "universale ante rem", (in Platonic sense) or "universale in re" (in Aristotelian sense); b.
The work is an austere figurative theme which includes graphism, abstractionism in addition to the evocativeness, the transparency and the clarity that distinguish it.
Kierkegaard employed the concept subjectivity as an answer to Hegel's abstractionism which denigrates the individual.
The top school that Saudi artists are directing to is the realistic school, which comprises representing the artwork realistically and closer to reality, in addition to surrealism and abstractionism schools.
With this artifact, which cuts up the sunlight to prevent blinding, these artists invented abstractionism before their time.
Embodiment, in Pick's argument, is not pre-cultural, but challenges the rigidities of speciesism as it "provides a critical space for thinking of the human outside of Cartesian abstractionism, as rigorously material" (p.