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Synonyms for abstracter

one who makes abstracts or summarizes information


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Such a vision of the United States as the great abstracter and possessor is reinforced by the fat man, a Nicaraguan power broker, in a conversation with Krieger.
On the other hand, MedisGroups requires the abstracter to approach each chart with nothing more than the need to search out certain "key clinical findings.
In the 2000 ALTA Abstracter and Title Agent Operations Survey, title agents were asked how often they fixed title problems before issuing title insurance.
However, an additional survey conducted by the American Land Title Association concluded that 92 percent of the title agents, underwriters, real estate attorneys and abstracters are ready to showcase compatibility.
Currently, she said a licence is only required if you abstract more than 20,000 litres on any given day but the proposal is to top-slice from abstracters who have not used their full allocation in a given period.