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Synonyms for abstracter

one who makes abstracts or summarizes information


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(3) To avoid detection bias, was an appropriate method/source used to collect objective (e.g., mortality) measures (e.g., death records, blinding of outcome assessor, trained chart abstracter)?
She also serves as an abstracter of Foi et Vie for Religious and Theological Abstracts.
(1) Met de hantering van dit woord--al dan niet kwalificatief, maar altijd afgaand op gevoelens--refereert ook Coetzee naar de betrokkenheid van de Zuid-Afrikaners bij hun land, opgevat in de letterlijke betekenis van grond als ook als een groter en abstracter geheel.
Yet rather than disqualifying the Calendars as a new genre of history writing, the locating of reticent abstracter and narrative polemicist within the same historian's subjectivity that was demanded by the Calendars suggests that this genre encouraged historians to "objectify the objectifying subject." (26)
ALTA's Abstracter and Title Agent Operations Survey noted that title problems were found in 36 percent of all residential real estate transactions--new and resale homes and refinances--in 2005, up from 25 percent in 2000.
No empirical formula is given in the paper, but the abstracter has produced the one given here.
Such a vision of the United States as the great abstracter and possessor is reinforced by the fat man, a Nicaraguan power broker, in a conversation with Krieger.
Any two clusters may be combined to result in higher-level (abstracter) conceptual clusters.