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Synonyms for abstractedness

preoccupation with something to the exclusion of all else

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Narratology is a compelling site for exploring narrative's ideological implications precisely because of its formality; the very abstractedness of its parameters and concepts opens them to a reflexive exploration of the logic and manoeuvres by which they come to be constituted, and in doing so reveals much about critical practices as well as wider cultural investments in ideas of narrative.
Here, volunteers tapped into areas of the brain such as the right inferior temporal gyrus, which decodes metaphorical meaning and abstractedness.
To reduce the abstractedness of graphs, concrete floor or people graphs can be created either as a whole class or in small groups.
On syntax and usage of the noun (135-43), discussion moves from number to abstractedness to gender (including valuable asides on the number and gender of the word "god").
Among the 16 personality factors, they found that scoring low on emotional stability, reasoning, and tension, and high on abstractedness predicts high levels of intrusion, hyperarousal, and overall PTSD symptoms reported.