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preoccupation with something to the exclusion of all else

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"Abstractedness" another factor highlighted in 16 PF is considering individual abstracting abilities in a situation or content.
Additionally, we confirmed the relevance of intelligence and personality in predicting underwater performance by grouping individual differences in three models: (1) a comparison block, consisting of personality variables with little theoretical or empirical impact on the underwater environment (warmth, dominance, rule-consciousness, social boldness, vigilance, abstractedness, privateness, radicalism, selfreliance); (2) a intelligence model; and (3) a personality model, composed of dispositional variables that predict the outcome of training and performance in diving.
Thus, teachers and reviewers must rely on evidence quality characteristics (e.g., relevance, credibility, proximity, abstractedness) when examining portfolio arguments and assumptions.
Since nominalization or nominal style, as it has often been termed in German literature, confers a high level of abstractedness and generalization on the text, used as a "means of intelectualization" (Pranjkovic 2001: 77), it is obvious why it is widely used in functional discourse styles such as administrative, scientific, political or legal.
However, he succeeds in demonstrating that lyrically and musically, the group drew on more subtle and abstract associations with Irishness, such as introspection and abstractedness, as part of a hybrid cultural heritage which avoided the polarized extremes of"Irish essentialism" and "English assimilation." The critique investigates how these appropriations find their way into the group's compositions; of particular interest to Campbell is the manner in which Morrissey and Marr focused on expressions of melancholy in the Irish folk repertoire, with the two musicians reportedly 'harnessing [the] melancholy' from their Irish cultural backgrounds.
In determining the patentability of the claims at issue, the court focused on the abstractedness of the claim.
Narratology is a compelling site for exploring narrative's ideological implications precisely because of its formality; the very abstractedness of its parameters and concepts opens them to a reflexive exploration of the logic and manoeuvres by which they come to be constituted, and in doing so reveals much about critical practices as well as wider cultural investments in ideas of narrative.
This variable involves syncretic cognition and is also associated with many perceptual-personality traits that arguably promote non-sequential information processing such as warmth, abstractedness, openness to change and a lack of rule consciousness, self control and tough-mindedness (Lange et al., 2000).
apparent abstractedness of mind was laid aside, and his eyes
Here, volunteers tapped into areas of the brain such as the right inferior temporal gyrus, which decodes metaphorical meaning and abstractedness.
Mineness is an abstractedness that disembodies what are always specific and embedded moments lived finitely/infinitely with Country.
16PF Sten Score Means and Standard Deviations, Sample Profile (N = 49) Factor M SD Global Factors Extraversion (EX) 4.6 1.8 Anxiety (AX) 4.8 1.8 Tough-Mindedness (TM) 5.6 2.1 Independence (IN) 4.3 1.6 Self-Control (SC) 5.9 1.5 Primary Factors Warmth (A) 4.6 1.9 Reasoning (B) 7.2 1.8 Emotional Stability (C) 6.3 1.4 Dominance (E) 3.8 1.7 Liveliness (F) 4.2 1.7 Rule-Consciousness (G) 5.8 1.8 Social Boldness (H) 5.5 1.9 Sensitivity (I) 5.9 1.7 Vigilance (L) 4.5 1.9 Abstractedness (M) 5.0 1.8 Privateness (N) 5.3 1.8 Apprehension (O) 5.3 1.9 Openness to Change (Q1) 5.6 2.1 Self-Reliance (Q2) 6.3 1.9 Perfectionism (Q3) 5.5 1.7 Tension (Q4) 5.5 1.7 Note: 16-PF sten scores mean are 5.5 with a standard deviation of 2 Table 2.
Arnold's condescension towards any serious talk of societal conflicts bespeaks a thinly veiled antagonism to a perceived abstractedness in Clough's politics.
To reduce the abstractedness of graphs, concrete floor or people graphs can be created either as a whole class or in small groups.