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Synonyms for abstractedly

in an absentminded or preoccupied manner

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References in classic literature ?
'Whatever you please,' replied Nicholas abstractedly; 'it's all the same to me.'
--'"Called, and chosen, and faithful,"' said Gashford, taking up Lord George's watch which lay upon a chair, and seeming to read the inscription on the seal, abstractedly.
"Eliza, girl, what ails you today?" said her mistress, when Eliza had upset the wash-pitcher, knocked down the workstand, and finally was abstractedly offering her mistress a long nightgown in place of the silk dress she had ordered her to bring from the wardrobe.
I, being alone and idle, stared abstractedly. The girl costumed as Night wore a small black velvet mask, what is called in French a "loup." What made her daintiness join that obviously rough lot I can't imagine.
The text provides a list of words Morrow always associates with the letter A that represents her: "Abstract, abstracted, abstractedly, and then the variants, such as absently, and absent-minded, and now, of course, in this endless aftermath, with the clangour of a wholly new connotation, just: absent" (Banville 1998, 47).
As a city with opportunities for creative expats like Bhavika, Dubai has enabled her to culminate all these beautiful subtleties that she abstractedly soaked up without realising until all these years later, "that everything in my life revolves around these three things - from running a restaurant to starting my own newsletter music blog to my daily attempts with taking the pencil for a walk on paper."
She tightened another pin as Svetlana looked out the window abstractedly.
Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan was flown to prison in a luxurious helicopter with an "adopted daughter" in devoted attendance; he nibbled abstractedly at a piece of chocolate as a police escort carried his bags.
How late?" he asked, abstractedly. She drew him back to earth with an anxious: "It's after eleven and we've got half an hour's walk yet.
It's important to understand not what tradition means abstractedly, but what tradition is in African thought and how a local understanding will enable African and African-Brazilian people a better understanding of themselves and other people, the African life, reality and the world.
Since he connected 'every inanimate thing with the idea of some person', he would choose Gothic, because he would 'prefer that building that furnished me with the most ideas, which is not judging fairly of the merit of the buildings abstractedly'.
They idle through the day flipping through newspapers, drinking tea and chatting, their gaze wandering abstractedly because they have no purpose.
(49) In fact, he wrote an article while still a professor in which he took aim at the very idea of anticipatory litigation, at least in the constitutional context, arguing that, "[e]very tendency to deal with...[constitutional issues] abstractedly, to formulate them in terms of sterile legal questions, is bound to result in sterile conclusions unrelated to actualities." (50) As Professor Purcell observes, although this article was "[o]stensibly" a criticism of advisory opinions, in function it was a criticism of declaratory judgments, arising from a fear that conservatives would use this option to defeat progressive legislation.
Both the micro and macro mobility cases were abstractedly modeled.
Stephen then notes an elaboration whereby our 'natural impulses are, abstractedly considered, good, and only to be distinguished by their consequences' (Malthus 1803, 491), and illustrates: 'Hunger he says [paraphrasing Malthus 1803, 487], as Bentham had said, is the same in itself, whether it leads to stealing a loaf or to eating your own loaf, whereas the former alone has dire social consequences.