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a general concept formed by extracting common features from specific examples

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Food is a concrete entity but nutrition is an abstract entity.
That kind of public money was freely and joyfully donated by an abstract entity called This Great Nation of Ours.
Given that the population of England grew after 1 500 and particularly from 1750, we can be fairly certain that survival depended on a wider range of items than we normally think of when measuring that abstract entity, the food supply.
Kevin Bazzana, a Gould biographer, explains that "[f]or Gould a musical work was an abstract entity that could be fully comprehended in the mind in the absence of performance" (p.
The graffiti then becomes an abstract entity that transcends particular names or even vulgar expressions.
The 20th century was short because time, in Hobsbawm's conception, is shaped by events that make history and is not an abstract entity delineated by soulless calendars.