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a general concept formed by extracting common features from specific examples

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an abstract entity) and pretends to claim that it is a real person (i.e.
That kind of public money was freely and joyfully donated by an abstract entity called This Great Nation of Ours.
Given that the population of England grew after 1 500 and particularly from 1750, we can be fairly certain that survival depended on a wider range of items than we normally think of when measuring that abstract entity, the food supply.
Kevin Bazzana, a Gould biographer, explains that "[f]or Gould a musical work was an abstract entity that could be fully comprehended in the mind in the absence of performance" (p.
The graffiti then becomes an abstract entity that transcends particular names or even vulgar expressions.
Accordingly, the property of being a detective, though not possessed by the abstract entity that is Holmes, is represented or encoded by him in the framework provided by the Conan Doyle's stories, and this suffices to make S true.
The 20th century was short because time, in Hobsbawm's conception, is shaped by events that make history and is not an abstract entity delineated by soulless calendars.
The table presents an analyses of the referentiality of all occurrences of the demonstrative too and each fifteenth occurrence of the demonstrative see animate object NP adnominal see 7 6 too 40 (47%) 27 (31%) inanimate object NP adnominal see 7 9 too 0 7 abstract entity sum NP adnominal see 55 (54%) 18 (18%) 102 too 1 11 86 Table 3 Demonstratives as determiners in time phrases (fiction texts of the Tartu University Corpus of Standard Written Estonian) Past Present or future tol X-l 26 0 sel X-l 46 18 tookord 38 0 seekord 29 7
When an existential entity (Song) is associated with an abstract entity (Music), it is automatically related to all the other entities associated with that abstract entity; thus one review is associated with every other review even though the user created only one association (to the abstract entity).
Concrete objects like viruses can be members of an abstract entity, that is, an entity of a different logical type, although they cannot be a part of such an abstract concept.
Fictional characters ate but one kind of ontologically dependent abstract entity: scientific theories, laws, social trends, institutions, languages, expressions, propositions, words, documents (including all works of literature), etc., fall in that category.
Islamic scholar Farid Esack notes that the Qur'an "presents God as being 'concerned with something that persons do, and with the persons who do it, rather than with an abstract entity [called belief]'." (8) This abstract entity is also disdained by Anabaptists, who repudiate the "'heresies' of 'only believism'" often displayed in American Christianity.
In addition they talked about the difficulties in having a war against an abstract entity, adding that the present conflict was not territorial but systemic.