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a painter of abstract pictures

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He says that people started calling him Omni after his art theory and practice called Omni Dimensionalism which is an emotive, physical form of abstract expressionism taking in influences as diverse as JMW Turner to the great British abstract artist, John Hoyland.
The team consists of Vu Nguyen, Master of Fine Arts, Kansas City, MO; Chelsea Baart, The Embellisher, Victoria, BC; Christy Graham, The Abstract Artist, Cincinnati, OH; Jeany Perez, Elegance with an Edge, Lake Mary, FL; Robert Nguyen, Winning Design, Oceanside, CA; and Adela Munoz, Storybook Nails, Fontana, CA.
We hope Kaleidoscope will give art lovers an opportunity to see fine art through the eyes of a truly creative abstract artist.
Maryam is an experimental abstract artist whose artwork is influenced by Omani culture and heritage.
A FORMER West End theatre dresser has turned abstract artist, after escaping the rat race for the benefit of her family.
THE Warburg Realty TriBeCa office will feature a solo exhibition by international abstract artist Kristina Sretkova (pictured).
Pritchard is a contemporary abstract artist born and living in South Wales.
An exhibit of work by New York abstract artist and Oregon alumnus Clinton Hill opens Tuesday and runs through Feb.
Shiladitya Verma, an abstract artist, said that the artists have brought down the prices of their paintings to cope up with the crisis.
Over the course of a month the young abstract artist decided to collect paper based articles at random of an individual's daily shooting practice for one month.
Art Select at the Grand Hyatt will feature the famous B Prabha from Bombay, expressionist Jamil Naqsh, Islamic abstract artist, the late Ismail Gulgee and contemporary Indian artist MF Husain, to name but a few.
Dating from the fifteenth century, the monastery's defunct church found a predictable contemporary role as a concert hall, but now it makes a different kind of cultural contribution, housing the Espacio Torner dedicated to Spanish abstract artist Gustavo Torner, a native of Cuenca.
As with Warhol and Lichtenstein, there was always inside him an abstract artist closeted beneath a Pop exterior.
Charlie's dad, Anthony Jones, 49, had an image of a painting by Cornish post-war abstract artist Ben Nicholson tattooed onto his right arm.