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an abstract genre of art

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From the time she turned 24, her passion for abstract art and fascination with lines grew so strong that people started taking interest in acquiring her art.
"Aesthetic Theory, Abstract Art, and Lawrence Carroll" by David Carrier (who is a former Getty Scholar, Clark Fellow, and Senior Fellow at the National Humanities Center, and has been a lecturer in Beijing and at Princeton University) explains how Carroll's understands the medium of painting; shows what his art says about the identity of painting as an art; discusses the place of his paintings in the development of abstraction; and, finally, offers an interpretation of his art.
The exhibition features works from 11 Taiwanese artists that deal with Taiwan's ceaselessly changing abstract art scene since the 1980s.
More than 50 paintings based on calligraphy and abstract art of the artists including Sheikh
by Salim Al Afifi Dr Naseem says calligraphy is more beautiful than any other conventional or abstract art.
He recently uploaded footages for his Instagram Stories which showed him hard at work on a piece of abstract art.
The Opus 39 Gallery in Nicosia will pay tribute to abstract art tomorrow with the opening of the solo exhibition Life Path by Ludmila Budanov.
Toronto, Canada, May 16, 2016 --(PR.com)-- The International Gallery of the Arts (IGOA) had the great honour of hosting this month's Abstract Art Exhibition.
Looking at Kakayi's art, one can see a strong influence of contemporary abstract art, which notably influenced many Arab countries.
SOME of the world's most influential abstract art has gone on show in Birmingham.
Now Cadw's sites, including Caerphilly Castle and Castell Coch, have inspired an abstract art exhibition - created from Lego.
Rehberger is renowned for his abstract art and optical effects that distort perception.
All with the use of abstract art, not a fairly uncommon method of artistic expression within the local community.
"Adventures of the Black Square: Abstract Art and Society 1915-2015"