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an abstract genre of art

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Abstract art is a creative method that tells a story without necessarily saying anything.
I decided to combine contemporary love poems with the visual aspects of abstract art to engage all senses of readers and to speak especially to young people.
JPC: You also suggest that Hyperrealism demonstrates a rejection of abstract art that is nevertheless paradoxical--like abstract art, It emphasizes surface, but only by concentrating on pictorial issues.
Complementing the usual historical accounts (the ascendancy of abstract art, the collective faith in social and technological progress, the flight into regionalism), this new version would offer a grim panorama of America's underbelly.
Of all the types of art he studied in his class - masks, Polynesian sculptures - ``I'll remember cubism the most, the abstract art,'' Goldstein said.
All three artists have roots in the metaphysical origins of modern abstract art.
Here it is not Jane Wyman but Julianne Moore who falls in love with her gardener, here not a Thoreau-influenced Rock Hudson but Dennis Haysbert as an African American intellectual who wins Moore's heart partly through his eloquent commentary--at a suburban art show where his mere presence creates ripples--on the religious implications of abstract art.
Salmon feels for the kid for whom the Norman Rockwell painting is abstract art because, ``I was that kid growing up.
Guston was virulent on this subject: "American abstract art is a lie," he said, "a sham, a cover-up for a poverty of the spirit, a mask to mask the fear of revealing oneself.
Drab as its conventional elements may be, though, all is almost forgiven whenever Spawn's crimson cape takes on a life of its own and billows into pulsating abstract art.
Abstract art has been commoditised and made into an instrument for celebrating the values of contemporary capitalism (for instance in the Saatchi and Saatchi collection).
From Abstract Art to Zero Group (a group of German artists interested in kineticism and luminism), Plain Talk About Art presents an art dictionary for the average person.
These works were displayed in the 1936 Museum of Modern Art's landmark exhibition, ``Cubism and Abstract Art.
The Mayor of Nuneaton and Bedworth, Cllr Mary Beaumont, has also been invited, along with Simon Wilson, curator of abstract art at London's Tate Gallery.
He admires Kline's paintings but implies, in an unexpectedly Duchampian and Cagey way, that you don't have to paint to make art--not even abstract art.