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an abstract genre of art

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identify how movement is shown in abstract art created by Wassily Kandinsky.
The workshop which was held on 15 July and 22 July taught participants the techniques and approaches in abstract art to enable them to express themselves in their own personal way through the colourful, expressive and powerful visual language of abstract art.
Etching on paper gives me a great pleasure and delight and I have come to believe that calligraphy is more beautiful than any other conventional or abstract art.
It includes the striking Constructivism - or Geometric Abstraction - of the pioneering Bauhaus designer and teacher Josef Albers, instrumental in exporting abstract art to the States in the 1930s.
Providence-based abstract expressionist Edwin Wilwayco is now focused on small things like bubbles, dots, fractions, fragments, and spots, chasing them with whirling hands to restructure nature-bound abstract art works that he is known for, and, for many viewers, to approximate the infinite in his canvases.
Now Cadw's sites, including Caerphilly Castle and Castell Coch, have inspired an abstract art exhibition - created from Lego.
Rehberger is renowned for his abstract art and optical effects that distort perception.
All with the use of abstract art, not a fairly uncommon method of artistic expression within the local community.
Adventures of the Black Square: Abstract Art and Society 1915-2015"
CHILDREN enjoyed an abstract art session at Huddersfield Art Gallery.
What are the work's legacies, and what's still at stake in abstract art today?
Morris and take in ArtsWorcester's current abstract art exhibitions "The Process of Intuition'' by Conrad Guertin and "SpaceTime'' by Elizabeth Harris.
This exploration argues that abstract art, referring specifically to painting, serves the interests of interreligious dialogue insofar as the epistemic level of its meaning provides an effective place to broaden discussion on the question of religious unity.
Elevated Journals: Sketch notebooks adorned with inspirational abstract art.
As for the difference between the two-- Indian abstract art and Western abstract art-- Kishore Singh, head of Exhibition and Publication at Delhi Art Gallery says, " Distinctions exist between artists and their practice, not between nations.