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Synonyms for abstract

Synonyms for abstract

existing only in concept and not in reality

concerned primarily with theories rather than practical matters

a short summary or version prepared by cutting down a larger work

to remove from association with

Synonyms for abstract

a concept or idea not associated with any specific instance

a sketchy summary of the main points of an argument or theory

consider a concept without thinking of a specific example

make off with belongings of others

consider apart from a particular case or instance

give an abstract (of)

existing only in the mind

not representing or imitating external reality or the objects of nature

dealing with a subject in the abstract without practical purpose or intention

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Anyone can submit an abstract, but presenters must become APHA members and register for the Annual Meeting if their abstracts are accepted.
Richard Viladesau went further to claim that abstract paintings are "instances of 'aesthetic theology': a reflection on and communication of theological insight in a way irreducible to abstract conceptual thought.
Abstract Energy (TM) original formula was introduced in October 2009 and Abstract International, Inc.
However, reliance on an abstract without reading the entire article creates risks for the quality and integrity of both the original work, and the work in progress.
Selection to the conference abstract review committee should represent a significant professional achievement and be recognized as such with a plaque, dinner, and specific ceremony at the conference.
From the selected research abstracts, four will receive the Research Abstract Award, which recognizes individuals whose abstracts reflect outstanding original work, replication research or research utilization.
Here you can browse the titles and click any one to see the abstract (if any) posted on the official conference site (http://www.
John Neumann, a sculptor of large abstract metal pieces.
Dornoch Abstract will provide a complete range of title services--from commitment through closing--with a focus on structuring complex transactions in the New York metropolitan area and New Jersey.
The resolutely abstract geometric sculptures form whole environments, yet their surfaces have the same tactile quality as the drawings.
Applicants whose abstracts are chosen for presentation will receive an ACPE scholarship of $200 to be applied toward the Spring Institute/Annual Meeting tuition.
DOT & E invites abstract submissions on topics that address current DOT & E issues.
As no single standard for abstract submission exists, this brief article attempts to provide a synthesis of expectations.
Writing an abstract, whether descriptive or informative, is in principle rather straightforward, but in practice something of an art that matures with experience.