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Synonyms for abstinent

a person who refrains from drinking intoxicating beverages



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Kranzler said it is not clear which medication might be best for patients who try to be abstinent but relapse, or who do not want to be abstinent.
Quetiapine (Seroquel) is a popular medication in general, because it reportedly ameliorates anxiety and helps with sleep problems, two difficulties that substance abusers who become abstinent often have.
The objective was to assess the outcomes of heroin-dependent patients 4 years after detoxification at the Opioid Detoxification Unit, by comparing the demographic, forensic, clinical and treatment data between patients with heroin use disorders who were actively using at the time of investigation and those who had been abstinent for at least the previous 4 weeks at the time of investigation.
In addition, topiramate patients reported more abstinent days than placebo patients.
Although marijuana-only users had a lower arrest rate than abstinent individuals, the difference was not statistically significant (p = .
Research has shown that one-on-one counselling can help smokers break the habit and remain abstinent.
Out of the 53 members of the Parliaments (MP), 32 approved to postpone, 19 refused and two MPs were abstinent.
You're better off making a resolution to take a few days off alcohol a week throughout the year than remaining abstinent for January only.
The study found that those on varenicline had twice the chance of staying abstinent from smoking for as long as 12 months, compared to those on placebo.
The study found that people who were readmitted for treatment in the first six months after beginning treatment were more likely to remain abstinent, while those readmitted after six months were less likely to continue to abstain from substance use.
Kit Yeng Ho, spokeswoman for Gwalia, said: "If an individual is unable to remain abstinent, even with the support offered by staff, it may sometimes be necessary for them to leave the scheme.
Based on biochemical or proxy confirmation, 20% of the participants in the hypnosis group were abstinent at 12 months compared with 14% of the behavioral group.
The sample consisted of (i) the abstinent group consisting of 30 patients of alcohol/opioid dependence who following treatment for their condition had managed to remain abstinent for a minimum period of 6 months and (ii) the relapsed group consisting of 30 patients of alcohol/opioid dependence who following treatment for their condition had maintained in a remitted state for at least two weeks, but had then relapsed within the next 6 months.
Summary: Pfizer Inc today announced the results of a study that included 714 adult patients (ages 35-75 years), and found that 47 percent of smokers with a history of cardiovascular disease who took ChampixA (Varenicline) were able to quit smoking and remain abstinent during the last four weeks of treatment (weeks 9-12) compared with just 13.
Indeed, for some outcomes, children born to light drinkers were less likely to have problems compared to children of abstinent mothers.