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Synonyms for abstention



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Synonyms for abstention

the trait of abstaining (especially from alcohol)

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AA calls on the Macedonian government to withdraw the abstention vote for Kosovo, while BDI, as part of the ruling coalition, should bear political responsibility and apologize to the Government of Kosovo for approving any political decision made by SDSM, as was the case now, say from the Alliance of Albanians.
After exhausting her state-court appeals, pursuant to Pullman abstention and an England (10) reservation, Grand Juror Doe may ultimately return to the Eastern District of Missouri at the conclusion of all state court proceedings.
During the electoral process, abstention manifests as an expression that is theoretically contradictory to the democratic principles; a political attitude not considered to be beneficial for the construction of citizenship, whose central axis is citizen participation (Sartori, 2007).
It followed the reaction from parties and others who expressed concern over the possibility of high abstention on February 18 and 25since the dates coincided with the carnival.
Your failure to oppose the bill itself with merely an abstention on your part does not indicate any clear and unequivocal opposition to this bill - as it should - regardless of the previous proposed Labour amendments.
So it's apt that it should begin "First they came for the Socialists", because this week the abstention of most members of the Labour Party against the Government's horrid Welfare Reform Bill - including the abstentions of three of the main leadership contenders - surely suggests that there are very few people in politics left to speak up for the cause of Socialism.
In the House of Clergy, 162 votes were in favour and 25 against while there were four abstentions. ( ANI )
The legislation received the necessary two thirds majority in all three Houses of the General Synod with 37 bishops voting in favour with two against and one abstention, 162 clergy in favour, 25 against and four abstentions.
Attakattol a vote presqu'en bloc pour la confiance , avec 10 deputes pour et une seule abstention .
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Islamic Party criticized today the governmental abstention on Arab League resolution to suspend Syrian membership in the League, expressing astonishment on Iraqi dual policy.
Summary: BEIRUT: Caretaker Energy and Water Minister Jibran Bassil said Thursday his abstention from issuing the weekly gasoline price updates aimed at putting more pressure on the Finance Ministry to cut the price of gasoline.
Fourteen ministers from the March 14 coalition, including Hariri, voted Wednesday for abstention, while another 14 ministers from Hizbullah and its allies, backed by Suleiman's ministers, voted for rejecting the sanctions resolution.
Sayed Hamed Gilani, Minister of Border and Tribal Affairs with 70 ayes, 149 nays, 2 invalid and 11 abstention.
The panel voted 17-0, with 1 abstention, that the drug was effective in treating bipolar mania in children and adolescents aged 10-17 years, and voted 13-0, with 5 abstentions, that it was safe in this group.
The panel also voted 17-0, with 1 abstention, that the drug had been shown to be effective for treating bipolar mania for the same age group, and voted 11-4, with 3 abstentions, that it had been shown to be acceptably safe in this age group for this indication.