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restricted to bare necessities

moderation in eating and drinking

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Indeed, whereas the muscular Christianity embodied by Gareth is implicitly endorsed as a pattern for male youth to follow, the kind of abstemiousness associated in Tennyson's time with Tractarianism is presented in a much less positive light.
This will require abstemiousness, since we should not use metaphysical, epistemological, or ethical notions that are not broadly shared (for example, the notion of the soul, or the notion of original sin, or the notion of self-evident truth).
But what about those of us who reject Kessler's ethic of rigidly ordered abstemiousness, which replaces hypereating with hypervigilance?
14) National development was reframed from Westernization to Thai-style development according to a model of romanticized self-subsistence and abstemiousness in which agriculture and village life exist without external social and economic linkages, isolated, and self-regulated (Nartsupha, 1991; Nartsupha, 1984, 1999).
He wrote, "I find that I conciliate the gods by some sacrament as bathing--or abstemiousness in diet--or rising early--and directly they Smile on me.
Adventist beliefs link diet and lifestyle in the Eight Laws of Health, which include vegan diet and good nutrition; abstemiousness (moderation in food and drink); the liberal use of water; sunlight and fresh air; judicious exercise; adequate rest; and trust in divine power.
Interestingly, Harvey observes that the earliest Christians demonstrated a notable "austerity" in their "olfactory piety," and she connects this abstemiousness to the well-recognized cultural connection between incense and ritual sacrifice.
Absurd as NASW's abstemiousness with respect to Jim Midgley's critique of neoconservatism in international development, the incident represents little more than a hypocritical hiccup compared to the corruption, ineptitude, and mediocrity that suffuses Social Work's editorial practices.
During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, residents of the Spanish Caribbean reportedly drank in moderation, a pattern that Smith explains in terms of Spaniards' reputation for abstemiousness and the symbolic value that Catholics accorded to wine.
Sixteen years ago I wrote that Westerners, ancient and modern, have repeatedly expressed the belief that Egyptians and other eastern Mediterranean peoples were effeminate, self-indulgent and sex-fixated while the Romans and their heirs--the peoples of the western democracies--seemed, according to the same code of prejudices, to 'embody the "masculine" virtues of patriotism, self-discipline, sexual abstemiousness and readiness for war'.
Hence, one will be more willing to err on the side of abundance rather than paucity, and profligacy rather than abstemiousness is the path to higher expected utility.
Flatto makes a case for reasonable abstemiousness in sex, as well as in other aspects of life.
Bernard of Clairvaux's especially vehement attacks on dissidents' dietary and sexual abstemiousness could thus be explained as what Beverly M.
Cato is particularly relevant because, as a charged example of civic abstemiousness, he adds intellectual depth to the contrast between the hero and villain of Anna St.
preference and Quaker abstemiousness into ethnically segregated social