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restricted to bare necessities

moderation in eating and drinking

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Indeed, whereas the muscular Christianity embodied by Gareth is implicitly endorsed as a pattern for male youth to follow, the kind of abstemiousness associated in Tennyson's time with Tractarianism is presented in a much less positive light.
Hence, one will be more willing to err on the side of abundance rather than paucity, and profligacy rather than abstemiousness is the path to higher expected utility.
Flatto makes a case for reasonable abstemiousness in sex, as well as in other aspects of life.
preference and Quaker abstemiousness into ethnically segregated social
But he was a fitness fanatic and, unlike --very unlike --the rugby population of his day tended towards abstemiousness.
He says of the current lot: 'With three out of four married children having been divorced, with pouts and smiles, drug-taking and abstemiousness, meanness and generosity, niceness and nastiness equally in supply, the Royal Family is better than symbolic - it is representative.
This crazy place, which an earthquake could toss into the sea at any time, is the centre of America's movie and TV industries - two businesses not best known for abstemiousness in matters narcotic.
She has persistent anemia, and makes a virtue, indeed a doctrine of the necessity for abstemiousness in controlling her illness.
Just like her best work, Childs's very presence is somehow (to the likes of me, at least) chastening in its exquisite abstemiousness, its complete lack of excess, either physical or emotional.
She also became suspicious of the widespread and careless use of poisonous drugs by many doctors of the day, and at the Battle Creek Sanitarium the "true remedies" were pure air, sunlight, abstemiousness, rest, exercise, proper diet, pure water and faith in the healing power of God.
22) Scholars of the next generation recalled Abbild as one of the "most exceptional people of his time [on account of his knowledge, piety, abstemiousness, grace, and perfection [as well as] trustworthiness, resolve, savvy, and competence.
And while we're on the subject of cleansing we turn to arguably the most popular act of abstemiousness at this time of year - liver-flushing.
Nor is his an aesthetic of sheer accumulation, a reaction to alternating historical conditions of abstemiousness and insatiable Wirtschaftswunder abundance.
With the private funds Wolves have at their disposal in the form of multi-millionaire owner Sir Jack Hayward, a similar show of abstemiousness was never likely at Molineux, especially given the business being done by the two clubs who came up with them; First Division champions Portsmouth and financiallyrestructured Leicester City have already made ten signings between them.
I award myself the Saint Cabernet Sauvignon Prize for abstemiousness in the line of duty.