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Synonyms for abstemiously

in a sparing manner


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We lived simply on a limited budget, maybe more abstemiously than ordinary people who were our neighbors.
However, it is abstemiously toxic when applied dermally or administered orally (Luty et al.,1998; Aslam et al., 2010).Poultry industry plays an important role in producing animal proteins most effectively and economically within the shortest possible time (Hosseinzadeh et al., 2010) and provides good employment sources (Ghafoor et al., 2010; Mahmud et al., 2011).
(Not now) And a little story ('six couplets about one couplet'): Halfseriously: "Try slurps from this keg, gal." Abstemiously: "Yuk!
EIB President Philippe Maystadt, dodging the issue of the other changes needed to transform the institution into a European sovereign wealth fund, like those set up by Russia, China and Qatar, abstemiously ruled out the possibility: "Under our existing statutes, we cannot acquire shares in companies, we can only make loans".
This does not keep us, however, from penalizing them with an unjust double standard, insisting that, in the name of public hygiene, they maintain scrupulously healthy diets, drink abstemiously, engage in unerringly faithful relations with their spouses, and indignantly turn down film roles in which they are asked to participate in such iniquitous activities as smoking.
He argued that anthropomorphic accounts can be more parsimonious than "an abstemiously behavioristic story of unimaginable complexity." (Dennett, 1983, p.