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Synonyms for abstain

to hold oneself back

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Synonyms for abstain

refrain from voting

Related Words

choose not to consume

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'But you are not required to abstain from the substantial dinner of to-day: you are only advised to partake of these coarser viands in such moderation as not to incapacitate you from enjoying the choicer banquet of to-morrow.
In other cases, the probability is that the United States will either wholly abstain from the objects preoccupied for local purposes, or will make use of the State officers and State regulations for collecting the additional imposition.
People who in former years habitually called upon me and invited me--or who, in the event of my absence, habitually wrote to me at this season--have abstained with a remarkable unanimity from calling, inviting, or writing now.
The sibyl cry'd, and from the grove abstain.--DRYDEN.
'That prohibition applies whether she abstains from voting or not...
The ex-Falkirk West MP, who backed a Yes vote in the independence referendum, said: "What is the point of having a Labour Party which simply abstains when it comes to fighting against Tory cuts?" But Labour's shadow Scottish Secretary Ian Murray said Labour's vote was the best way to oppose the welfare cuts.
NNA - Future bloc MP, Hadi Hbeish, on Tuesday called for holding each MP that abstains from the presidential election session accountable.
Bangladesh abstains on UN resolution on legality of Crimea annexation - suggesting pro-Russian tilt rather than neutrality
If the Congress abstains, Nitish will require the votes of only 120 MLAs.
It normally abstains. But in the last year, Iran was caught shipping arms to Gambia, Senegal's neighbor where a Senegalese rebel movement takes refuge.
If any Lib Dem MP supports or abstains on the legislation the electorate should conclude that support for them is to aid a party that is the living embodiment of all the things that cause cynicism about government and politics.
Lebanon will be in a pickle, but whether it votes or abstains from voting at the UNSC, the West will still be able to impose further sanctions against the Persian state, he went on to say.
The CEO abstains from selling until the earnings are released.
AN-NAHAR: Sleiman's ministers with the opposition and Democratic gathering with March 14 The deadlock in Baabda...The abstaining in New York ASSAFIR: Lebanon's refrainment from refusing sanctions on Iran raises embarrassing questions Governmental schism revives political tension FUTURE: Hariri briefs Moubarak on the results of his USA visit and meets Erdogan on Thursday The cabinet is divided so Lebanon abstains from voting AD-DIYAR: "Iran's sanctions" shakes Doha governmental accord Equal voting in the cabinet embarrasses Lebanon towards Washington and Tehran Sleiman votes with the opposition and Jumblatt takes Saudi advice into consideration DAILY STAR: Security Council approves new sanctions against Iran