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  • verb

Synonyms for abstain

to hold oneself back

Synonyms for abstain

refrain from voting

Related Words

choose not to consume

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uk NICOLA Sturgeon yesterday claimed the SNP are the "real opposition" to the Tories after Labour's decision to abstain on brutal welfare cuts.
Acting Labour leader Harriet Harman instructed her MPs to abstain on a crucial Commons vote on the Welfare Reform and Work Bill on Monday night.
March 14 will attend the forthcoming session to elect Lebanese Forces Leader Samir Geagea as President," the lawmaker told "Free Lebanon" radio station, reminding MPs who plan to abstain that they would be striking down national balance with such acts.
Bangladesh abstains on UN resolution on legality of Crimea annexation - suggesting pro-Russian tilt rather than neutrality
Lebanon will be in a pickle, but whether it votes or abstains from voting at the UNSC, the West will still be able to impose further sanctions against the Persian state, he went on to say.
Discussing the sanctions against Iran, means that Lebanon, which will chair the UNSC in May, will have to either accept the sanctions or abstain from voting, and that is something that Tehran, Damascus, and Hizbullah do not accept, as they want Beirut to reject the resolution, he stated.
The manager abstains from selling the stock for $10 on Monday and instead sells on Wednesday, after the good news has boosted ABC's stock price to $12.
The CEO abstains from selling until the earnings are released.
The (airport) agreement would be valid so long as she discloses her interest in the contract in the minutes of the Planning Board, abstains from participating in any consideration of the agreement and does not attempt to influence any other member of the Planning Board concerning the agreement,'' wrote lawyer William B.
Accordingly, he abstains from opposing the proposal of the Election Committee.
The abstaining in New York ASSAFIR: Lebanon's refrainment from refusing sanctions on Iran raises embarrassing questions Governmental schism revives political tension FUTURE: Hariri briefs Moubarak on the results of his USA visit and meets Erdogan on Thursday The cabinet is divided so Lebanon abstains from voting AD-DIYAR: "Iran's sanctions" shakes Doha governmental accord Equal voting in the cabinet embarrasses Lebanon towards Washington and Tehran Sleiman votes with the opposition and Jumblatt takes Saudi advice into consideration DAILY STAR: Security Council approves new sanctions against Iran
Fish is very good - I have to say that, coming from Boston,'' said Law, who abstains from meat in his home Fridays.
In the new study of 1,774 heart-disease patients, researchers found that the risk of a healthy 50-year-old man having a heart attack within the two-hour danger zone following sex is about two in a million, compared with the one in a million chance of a heart attack if he abstains from sex entirely.
Personal Note: The Man generally abstains from sex from 24 to 48 days before columns, but this is not so much a standing rule as it is sad reality.
2010 2011 No 29 15 Yes 4 6 Abstain 18 31 Absent 5 4