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Synonyms for abstain

to hold oneself back

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Synonyms for abstain

refrain from voting

Related Words

choose not to consume

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Men and women who were lifetime abstainers had the highest level of mental well-being at the start of the study (baseline).
For abstainers, breaking up with Facebook freed up about an hour a day, on average, and more than twice that for the heaviest users.
In women with no history of ACEs who were moderate drinkers or abstainers, less than 1% (0.8%) had been hit in the past 12 months - but this rose to 13% in those with high levels of ACEs and heavier alcohol consumption.
In a study of nearly half-a-million British adults, coffee drinkers had a slightly lower risk of death over 10 years than abstainers.
'In all World Health Organisation regions, females are more often lifetime abstainers than males.
About 40 per cent of Greeks consume alcohol regularly, almost 10 per cent are completely dependent, and a very small percentage are absolute abstainers, the professor says.
Also, we propose an optimal strategy for an election campaign or an awareness program that helps politicians to distinguish between different categories of voters which we have divided in our model into six compartments (potential electors, electors, temporary abstainers, permanent abstainers, voters for the political party, and voters against the political party) in order to increase the participation rate in the electoral process and obtain the greatest possible number of votes with a minimal effort.
Even moderate drinkers were three times as likely as abstainers to have hippocampal shrinkage.
Eight percent of subjects were classified as high-risk drinkers on the basis of an AUDIT-C score of 8-12; 24% were deemed at moderate risk, with a score of 6-7; the 44% with a score of 4-5 were categorized as lower risk; and 24% of participants were abstainers. The abstainers fell into two distinct groups: sick quitters with worsening HIV disease and healthy abstainers.
We have a duty to take our share." Tory sources say the humiliated Government plans a U-turn as rebels and abstainers get set to change their vote.
The researchers also conducted a meta-analysis of nine studies involving 157,809 participants and found that, compared to chocolate abstainers, heavy chocolate consumers were 25 percent less likely to suffer from adverse cardiovascular outcomes and had a 45 percent reduced risk of cardiovascular mortality.
Subjects were placed into one of six groups: former drinkers, abstainers, drinkers of fewer than 7 drinks per week, drinkers of 7-14 drinks per week, drinkers of 14-21 drinks per week, and those who had 21 or more drinks per week.
The study also found that, compared to the nonabstainers, abstainers using either bupropion or varenicline experienced lower levels of sadness but, in terms of overall depressive symptoms, the varenicline group fared much better.
For testing the change in craving and NWS over the three times points (pre, post-treatment and 3 months follow-up), among abstainers and relapsers at 3 months follow-up, mixed factor analyses of variance (ANOVAs) were conducted, with time as the repeated factor and smoking status at 3 months follow-up (abstainer-relapser) as the between-subjects factor.
For instance, a recent metanalysis (3) that included 84 cohort studies with a median follow-up of 11 years documented an average 25% risk reduction in cardiovascular mortality and mortality due to coronary artery disease (CAD) among light to moderate alcohol drinkers compared to abstainers. Another metanalysis (4), focusing specifically on RW, included 13 prospective and case-control studies and documented similar benefits on vascular risk.