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Synonyms for abstainer

someone who practices self denial as a spiritual discipline

a person who refrains from drinking intoxicating beverages

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It is now more acceptable than ever before to declare yourself an Abstainer.
Furthermore, social norm messages may result in iatrogenic (negative unintended outcomes) affects particularly among abstainers, thus the impact of the intervention may vary by drinking status (Campo, 2006).
When drinking style is measured by the number of drinks consumed on a typical drinking occasion, banning alcohol on a campus located in a neighborhood with a low density of off-campus bars is associated with a 44 percent reduction in the odds that an individual will cross the threshold between abstainer and moderate drinker, and a 31 percent reduction in the odds of crossing the threshold between moderate and heavy drinking.
Males are more likely than females to appear in these clusters rather than in the abstainer cluster (Table 6).
Thus, because our abstainer group includes both groups, the negative relationship between alcohol consumption and health care utilization may be driven by higher utilization of former drinkers.
Each student was classified either as an abstainer, a non-binge drinker, an occasional binge drinker or a frequent binge drinker.
Subjects who reported no illegal substance use ever or no alcohol use ever were included in the abstainer group.
Hudson News, which can be found in New York area airports, greets customers with a sign boasting that it's a "drug-free workplace," but is the newspaper you buy there any more interesting if the cashier is an abstainer rather than a stoner?
Interestingly, Natural Light, an established vendor and abstainer from licensing, takes its virgin run with the significant Williamsburg/Lane partnership: Serious players are constantly being swayed.
Our findings indicate that 19-to-21-year-old male participants who used alcohol or marijuana at younger ages engaged in riskier sexual behavior than female participants and their male experimenter and abstainer counterparts on measures of riskier sexual behavior.
In fact, they went on trips together, often with Scott knocking back the drink in grand style (he now drinks very little, not an abstainer but drinking just a wee bit, he admits).
Bizarrely, if the mystery abstainer had voted for Wilkes, making the result a tie, the two contenders would have had to draw lots to see who got the onerous pounds 50,000-a-year job as deputy council leader.
None of us is a total abstainer - I'm a lifelong wine drinker - but it concerns me when I see what people are doing.
This finding is especially true among black men, but differences with abstainer are also large for white and Hispanic men.
Thus, the definition of abstainer may vary from study to study, and studies reporting higher numbers of abstainers often use a broader definition of "abstainer.