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Synonyms for abstain

to hold oneself back

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Synonyms for abstain

refrain from voting

Related Words

choose not to consume

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Alun Cairns, a cabinet minister, abstained on all options.
'Constitution (Fourth Alteration) Bill No 16 (Restriction of Tenure of President and Governor); Yes: 32 States, No: 2 State, Abstain 1 State;
However, the top 10 recipients of US aid, which include Kenya, defied Trump and either supported the motion or abstained.
Spanish liberal party Ciudadanos had earlier raised pressure on the Socialists after saying it would abstain in a confidence vote for a conservative government.
Acting Labour leader Harriet Harman instructed her MPs to abstain on a crucial Commons vote on the Welfare Reform and Work Bill on Monday night.
When the second reading vote was taken in Parliament 174 MPs took part in the vote and 163 voted in favor of the government and ten parliamentarians from the UPFA abstained from voting.
So, the NCP will abstain if there is voting," said NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik.
"If a smoker can abstain for 15 hours he realises that has the willpower.
We have also experienced unabated gender-based violence and in response the SWAPO Party Women's Council has called on women irrespective of marital status to abstain from sex for at least three months.
v vPolitics It's 6-4 with Ladbrokes that 181 or more Conservative MPs will either vote against David Cameron's plans to legalise gay marriage or abstain from it.
But Washington's efforts didn't work well on net as six countries that voted aye last year decided to abstain this year.
Waseem Sajjad when contacted stated, according to constitution, no MNA can abstained from voting against party policy during Prime Ministerial elections, and if any MNA abstain the party policy, then head of the party can file a reference to speaker for the disqualification of that member.
* I WOULD like an explanation as to why MPs can abstain from voting on issues, yet still voice opinions.
Iraq was the only country to abstain when the Arab League voted Saturday to suspend Syria because of its bloody, 8-month-old crackdown on protesters calling for reforms.
Summary: Sepp Blatter has branded the FA's decision to abstain in the FIFA presidential election as "strange".