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(physics) the property of a body that determines the fraction of the incident radiation or sound flux absorbed or absorbable by the body

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The Schiff base BMNen showed 2 absorption bands first one at 298 nm and at 340 nm with molar absorptivity, "Iu" 18631.
The two dominating effects for absorption are inverse Bremsstrahlung of the plasma and Fresnel absorption at the cavity walls [35], Thus, the relation between surface state and absorptivity can only be made at ambient temperature.
In the infrared, cavities can be subjected to radiation from a standard blackbody, for instance, in order to verify their absorptivity by noting the returned energy.
1]) are influenced by a lot of factors, such as solar azimuth, solar altitude, intensity, building orientation, and envelope surface absorptivity.
The Komar-Tolmachev method [28] also allows to calculate the true molar absorptivity of the complex: e= (3.
Plans for future projects include expanding the capabilities of the lab's direct laser deposition equipment to enhance metallic absorptivity.
The main part of solar thermal heaters is the absorber surface which must have a maximum absorptivity ([alpha) and minimum emissivity ([epsilon]) of solar radiation.
The rate at which a material absorbs IR radiant heat is characterized by three properties: absorptivity, transmissivity and reflectivity.
where [alpha] = [epsilon]b, and [alpha] is referred to as molar absorptivity (kg/mol) and c--molar concentration (mol/kg).
Beer's law states that the absorbance (A) of monochromatic light by a solution is proportional to the absorptivity (a), the light path length (b), and the concentration (c); i.
Molar absorptivity, Sandell's sensitivity, standard error on slope, confidence limit of slope (95%), standard error on intercept, confidence limit of intercept (95%), LOD, and LOQ were calculated.
Sanduvor VSU (oxalanilide family) white, free-flowing polar uva with low volatility and superior absorptivity and sharp cutoff below 350 nm recommended for polyamide, polyesters.
In fact, the four-band perfect absorptivity can be realized at THz, infrared frequencies and even optical frequencies if the dimensions of the flower-shaped structure are reduced to micro-, nano- and even lower scale.