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Synonyms for hypercalciuria

the presence of abnormally high levels of calcium in the urine

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Nonacidotic kidney proximal tubulopathy with absorptive hypercalciuria. Am J Kidney Dis 1995;25:222-7.
Absorptive hypercalciuria occurs when the body absorbs too much calcium from food and empties the extra calcium into the urine.
In absorptive hypercalciuria, the primary defect is in the intestine, which causes a transient increase in plasma calcium; the kidneys get rid of the excess calcium.
Preminger treats most of his absorptive hypercalciuria patients with a thiazide and diet.
Evidence for normal vitamin D receptor messenger ribonucleic acid and genotype in absorptive hypercalciuria. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 1995;80:2960-5.