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Synonyms for absorptive

having a capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up

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Synonyms for absorptive

having power or capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up something (liquids or energy etc.)


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'Ang sinasbi nila your honor, is 'yung absorptive capacity namin.
He said efforts to improve absorptive capacity can be done by addressing barriers to entry, particularly of investors who are not originally from these provinces, cities and municipalities.
However, De Vera noted that the alleged "underspending" and "low absorptive capacity" of CHED is the "result of budgeting and audit practices" that have been affecting the commission's operations for the past years.
Third, building on organization learning that underscores the role of absorptive capacity, we provide an explanation of the mechanisms that enable a firm's absorptive capacity to moderate the relationship between knowledge ambiguity and international knowledge acquisition.
Business knowledge absorptive capacity, including the ability to recognize the value of new knowledge, and assimilate and transform it into a commercial outcome, plays an important role in this respect (Grabowski & Stawasz, 2017; Zahra & George, 2002).
To further explore the concept, and our status of absorptive capacity I will focus on the higher education sector in this article.
According to the Brunswicker and Vanhaverbeke study (2015) the SME owner determines the innovation strategy influenced to a large extent by the external knowledge he obtains from his network of business partners, one of the resources making up his absorptive capacity (AC).
'Absorptive capacity.' An important factor that abets poor choices of contracting as well as poor performance in the implementation of big projects is the problem of absorptive capacity.
In this regard they remain distinct from the liberal-democratic regimes which are designed to manage the expansive capitalism of the core, machined to absorb labor inputs while driving down its price--an absorptive mechanism from which the colonial political economy is unable to profit.
4-Absorptive Capacity of Government Agencies: The government vigorously seeks to increase its absorptive capacity to implement initiatives and projects outlined in the 2018 budget; develop regulatory frameworks; train qualified resources capable of implementing these initiatives and projects.
"What Egypt used of Sudan's quota of water in the past, was a surplus of its absorptive capacity, and with its consent.
To address this gap we propose and test a framework that integrates the role of past performance as a proxy to investment capacity, realized and potential absorptive capacity and internationalization and their influences on innovativeness, through a survey of 202 Brazilians firms from the Information Technology industry.
Then, prior knowledge gives companies the capacity to recognize new information value, assimilate it, and apply it to commercial ends; that is company's Absorptive Capacity (COHEN; LEVINTHAL, 1990).