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Synonyms for absorptive

having a capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up

Synonyms for absorptive

having power or capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up something (liquids or energy etc.)


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Absorptive capacity is defined as the degree to which a firm acquires, assimilates, transforms, and applies information to improve performance (Zahra & George, 2002).
The absorptive capacity in the region is about 10,000 hotel rooms, he added.
Hopkins and Gross, in the first article, discuss the concept of absorptive capacity and explain how it can be used as a framework to help make a stronger case for diversity.
At St Hugh's College, Oxford University, we had installed absorptive products and partition walls in the classrooms to provide flexible learning environments, as well as fitted products in the main foyer to reduce the noise created by the students transferring between lectures.
It has been formally approved by 11 transportation agencies, with approvals in the balance of the states specifying sound absorptive noise walls expected in short order.
In addition, the glycocalyx consists of glycoproteins that project from the apical plasma membrane of epithelial absorptive cells.
2011) is extended to suggest that when a TMT shares leadership responsibilities, the firm is better able to acquire, assimilate, transform, and exploit new knowledge, a process-oriented capability known as the absorptive capacity of the firm (Cohen and Levinthal, 1990; Zahra and George, 2002).
Our last paper, "Relational Capital as a Determinant Factor of External Knowledge Absorptive Capacity for Innovation.
The absorptive capacity of these ports reached 532 million tons per year, and handling tons for the year 2013 amounted to (194) million tons (excluding crude oil), an increase of (3.
The final theme is the requirements of ecological sustainability, including monitoring of the regeneration rates of renewable resources, the waste absorptive capacities of environmental sinks, the state of critical ecosystems and natural resource stocks, and the rate at which resources are being harvested and wastes are being generated.
ESTIMO | ARAB NEWS STAFFA new analytical report released by Amadeus air traffic system revealed that low-cost airlines, also known as "economic airlines" in the Middle East, show great confidence in their ability to grow, having seen an overall absorptive capacity increase from 11.
based in Loughborough, feature a highly absorptive carbon cloth back panel which traps and neutralises flatulence odours, the Daily Star reported.
In contrast to mainstream thinking on absorptive capacity, but in line with prevailing international business theory, our research supports the proposition that perceptions of procedural justice, rather than absorptive capacity, determine effectiveness, especially in cases of high tacit knowledge transfers.
Zakout stressed that the WB would effectively support the Yemeni government's efforts to improve its absorptive capacities by providing technical and logistical assistances for the independent executive unit which would assume the tasks of absorbing the aid in order to be utilized well to enhance the comprehensive development in Yemen.
The project was designed to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety, in order to accommodate traffic density around the area, in addition to increasing the absorptive capacity of road traffic.