absorption unit

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a unit for measuring absorption

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As mentioned earlier in the text, the existing absorption unit utilized in this work uses shell and tube heat exchangers, with the refrigerant/absorbent solution circulating in the inner tubes and water (condenser and absorber) or water/ethylene-glycol mixture (evaporator) around them.
It requires more BTUs of fuel to generate a ton of refrigeration with an absorption unit than it does electrically driven unit.
The equipment includes a 5,000 barrels per day (BPD) hydrocracker, a six million cubic feet per day hydrogen plant, and a pressure-swing absorption unit.
With access to a multi-month stockpile of ore, an assay lab equipped with an Atomic Absorption unit, and plans to develop richer ore zones, UNICO expects subsequent shipments will garner increasing values.
Electrically powered automatic transmission dynamometer capable of load-testing the GM 4160E family of transmissions with two (2) power absorption units (PAU s) for future expansion of capabilities to test front wheel drive transmissions.