absorption spectrum

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the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that has passed through a medium that absorbed radiation of certain wavelengths

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This feature gives full play to the intrinsic absorption of tungsten material, makes the broadband absorption spectrum close to 100%, and covers almost the entire solar spectrum (AM1.5).
In general, the IR absorption spectrum of the Industrial GFs was like that of the StickNET glass fibers that had been treated with a silane coupling agent by the manufacturer, which further corroborates the presence of a polymerized layer of MPS silane on the Industrial GFs.
In this study, the absorption spectrum of nonalgal particles for each sample was modeled from 380 to 600 nm according to Equation (3) using the least-squares method, and the absorption slope (S) of 40 samples was derived, from which the relative proportions of minerals and organic materials in detritus could be revealed [32].
It is found that DPI-T shows a higher photocurrent than BPI-T due to the excellent conjugation system with relatively better electron-donating ability and smaller steric hindrance, which produces a broader absorption spectrum and a higher extinction coefficient.
The absorption spectrum of the olefin group (-C[H.sub.2]) in the oleaginous base was observed at 4300 and 5800 [cm.sup.-1], and that of the hydroxyl group (-OH) caused by moisture was observed around 5200 [cm.sup.-1].
Caption: Figure 1: The IR(KBr) absorption spectrum of the isolated [C.sub.76]- [D.sub.2] sample.
The electronic absorption spectrum of the studied compounds is shown in Figure 2.
It was also shown that taking the uncompensated spin in the account does not change the qualitative pattern of these effects but is reduced to small numerical corrections of the shape of the absorption spectrum of the ensemble of antiferromagnetic particles [14].
The main methods of research in this work are AMX and DFT, which allow us to obtain reliable results of the absorption spectrum view and the energy changes.
Figure 3 shows the UV-Vis absorption spectrum of (a) EDTA starting solution, where a wide band in the range of 400 to 900 nm can be observed, and (b) ionic copper solution with its typical band wide range between 400 and 900 nm and the maximum being approximately at 800 nm.
Shape of the absorption spectrum, peak position, type, homogeneity and concentration of the synthesized Ti[O.sub.2] NPs colloidal were determined by UV-Visible absorption spectra of the solution by using UV-Vis spectrophotometer.
However, a recent paper in Nature Letters describes a miniaturized spectrometer that uses the absorption spectrum of colloidal quantum dots (CQDs) overlaid on a charge-coupled device (CCD) detector as an alternative to interferometric techniques (2).
In addition, using the absorption spectrum of cisplatin, and fluorescence spectrum of HSA, (Concentration ratio of drug and protein is 1:1 at pH 7.4) the fluorescence resonance energy transfer and energy transfer efficacy of HSA with various concentration of drug also evaluated.