absorption spectrum

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the spectrum of electromagnetic radiation that has passed through a medium that absorbed radiation of certain wavelengths

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Fluorescence arises while atoms or molecules excited by collecting photons from absorption spectrum, and briskly exude photons as molecules drive back to ground state.
Modern spectral examination of gaseous nebulae, in both the emitted and absorption spectrums, confirm that the major constituent of the universe is hydrogen in one form or another.
Increase in the NPs concentration was observed at 1064nm followed by rise in the peak of absorption spectrum.
Although Bao and Bawendi detailed the general steps taken to create the CQD filters, their paper does not formally discuss the concentrations of the quantum dots used for each filter and how this relates to the absorption spectrum (2).
Furthermore, the absorption spectrum of NEA 2 exhibits a 330-440 nm band with lmax = 390 nm and, as expected, the absorbance changes upon exposure to light in the presence of oxygen and MB or RB [Figure 3(c) and Figure 4(b), respectively].
The absorption spectrum in the mid-infrared region (Figure 3) showed that the sample was type IIa, with very weak N-related absorption at 1344 [cm.
In addition, using the absorption spectrum of cisplatin, and fluorescence spectrum of HSA, (Concentration ratio of drug and protein is 1:1 at pH 7.
The absorption spectrum of all four prepared samples recorded over the 300900 nm range with a UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer is shown in Figure 3.
Melanin has a fairly wide absorption spectrum, from the 400s down into the infrared spectrum.
A selection of the analysed wavelengths in spectroscopic measurements is depended on a few factors, such as absorption spectrum of the given gas, optoelectronic elements availability of the desired spectral characteristics as well as absorption spectra of each gas in the mixture.
That absorption spectrum allows the scientists to probe the value of alpha in the atmosphere of the white dwarf with high accuracy.
The simplified expression (A3) describes the absorption spectrum appropriately.
Mie theory provides a good method of analyzing the optical absorption spectrum of a single spherical nanoparticle of arbitrary size [17].
This can be seen, in vitro, in improved photophysical properties such as the extension of the useful light absorption spectrum into the near infrared - offering greater tissue penetration - as well as in the synthesis of pure compounds rather than mixtures.