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(physics) the property of a body that determines the fraction of the incident radiation or sound flux absorbed or absorbable by the body

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Caption: Figure 4: Outage probability versus h (dB/km) for absorption factor.
For [[gamma].sub.s] [approximately equal to] [[gamma].sub.m], the staggered absorption factor has a single maximum at [[omega].sup.-1] = [[tau]'.sub.2], where [[tau]'.sub.2] is the dominant relaxation time that governs the critical slowing down phenomena for [[gamma].sub.s] [approximately equal to] [[gamma].sub.m].
We have no obvious explanation for this discrepancy and believe it may be simply due to the limited number of rats studied in the earlier experiment, as well as the relatively large variability in the absorption factor, particularly for Al ingested with citrate.
This net absorption factor, positive throughout the county with the exception of the Eastern submarket.
Figure 26 illustrates the variation of the correction factors within the analyzed wavelength domain when the absorption factor for the monochromatic FeL[alpha] line is applied to the maximum position of the pure Fe or the iron oxide specimens analyzed with a 7 keV incident energy.
Similarity sadeghi, 2009 safabakhsh (2009), rahnavard (2007) and encouragement tools among the volunteer absorption factors has a first priority.
Within unfavourable absorption factors, Voinea et al.
802.11 helps understand typical site survey challenges, absorption factors, radio wave interference, and more.
We believe that the triad of HIV infection, medications that reduce seizure thresholds, and percutaneous absorption factors, in the aggregate, induced the seizure.