absorption coefficient

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a measure of the rate of decrease in the intensity of electromagnetic radiation (as light) as it passes through a given substance

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1) Sound absorption coefficient (SAC) of all OPT fiber with an average density of 200 kg/m3 showed minimum value of around 0.
top) Absorption coefficient as a function of relative humidity for (a) a population containing fresh emissions (t = 0) and (b) the same population after 24 h of aging, (middle) Scattering coefficient as a function of relative humidity for the population at (c) t = 0 and (d) t = 24 h and (bottom) number concentration of CCN as a function of water vapor supersaturation level for the population at (e) t = 0 and (f) t = 24 h.
Given assumption 2, the absorption coefficient [epsilon]([[lambda].
It is important to be in mind that the relation between capillary absorption coefficient and sorptivity is given by [A.
2--The absorption coefficient, extinction coefficient, refractive index and real and imaginary dielectric constants of (PVA-PEG-PVP) blend increase with the increase of the titanium oxide nanoparticles concentration.
The absorption coefficient which is frequency-dependent is considered, and it is applied to calculating broadband acoustic scattering model of underwater complex object.
It is not possible for Finkelnburg to assert that "Even if any broadening of the discrete lines or bands emitted by the gas is disregarded the absorption coefficient of every luminous gas thus is different from zero for 'all' wavelengths" [4], as the experimentalist who is studying a gas remains restricted to his container and the effects which it imposes on his conclusions.
Among specific topics are ultrasonic milling and dispersing technology for nanoparticles, preparing polymer nanocomposites with enhanced antimicrobial properties, the effect of anodization time of the properties of titania nanotube humidity sensors, conductance properties of multilayered silver-mean and period-doubling graphene structures, and the nonlinear absorption coefficient and relative refraction index change for an asymmetrical double delta-doped quantum well in gallium arsenide with a Schottky barrier potential.
The intrinsic optical properties of tissues are absorption coefficient, [[mu].
where the average sound absorption coefficient ([alpha]) can be determined from
The main difference between the spectral and integral models resides in the data on underwater irradiance and specific absorption coefficient of Chl a (spectral or integral).
The initial pressure, p0, generated by an optical absorber, is described as p0 = T[mu] aF, where F is the laser fluence at the absorber, [mu]a is the optical absorption coefficient, and T is the Gruneisen parameter of the tissue.
When the brain becomes more active, the blood supply of brain tissue will increase, which will lead to a change in the absorption coefficient of grey matter.