absorption coefficient

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a measure of the rate of decrease in the intensity of electromagnetic radiation (as light) as it passes through a given substance

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The sound absorption coefficient of epoxy foams blown at different temperatures is shown in Fig.
Caption: Figure 5: Comparison of the absorption coefficient of total nucleic acid, chromophoric amino acids, and dipicolinic acid weighted by their typical concentration in microorganism [38].
Expression (6) clearly shows that the inverse of the transmittance ([T.sup.-1]) is a linear function of input irradiance, with the slope related to the two-photon absorption coefficient [beta].
For example, the capillary absorption coefficient of NAC after suffering 75 freeze-thaw cycles is 0.94 times higher than that without freeze-thaw cycles, and the result is 6.29 times for RAC-100%.
Silva, "Multiyear measurements of the aerosol absorption coefficient near the surface in a small-sized urban area in Portugal," Advances in Meteorology, vol.
We mention that the production of synthetic images from the data is carried out by using the line of sight code constructed in [12] (here, instead of the radio emission and absorption coefficients we require their [gamma]-ray equivalents, [[epsilon].sub.v] and [k.sub.v]; in the case of neutrino production we need only emission coefficients).
These results show that all composite samples demonstrated an increase in sound absorption coefficient in the range of 1 kHz-2.5 kHz.
[22] Edwards OJ (1966) Optical absorption coefficient of fused silica in wavelength range 0.17 to 3.5 microns from room temperature to 980 deg C (Washington, D.C.), Vol.
From (6), the transmission of dips (A), (B), and (D) and peak (C) is related to the excitation coefficient [c.sub.m], the evanescent absorption coefficient [[gamma].sub.m], and the mode phase [[beta].sub.m]L.
where [[kappa].sup.(i,g)] [[m.sup.-1]] denotes the individual absorption coefficient for the isotopologue i of gas g.
In Section 4, the sound absorption is validated by experimental data and the influences of the fractal dimensions on the specific surface acoustic impedance, the complex wave number, and the sound absorption coefficient are discussed.
The absorption coefficient is denoted by [[mu].sub.a] (x), and the scattering coefficient is denoted by [[mu].sub.s] (x).
Where z denotes to the thickness, [I.sub.(z)] the absorbed intensity at thickness (z) [I.sub.0] is incident intensity, [[mu].sub.a] is the absorption coefficient of the medium.
These projects - both completed in April this year - aimed to obtain a lot of accurate noise and vibration data during sea trials and to measure many acoustic properties, such as transmission loss of a cabin construction and the absorption coefficient of cabins.
Diffuse optical tomography (DOT) [1, 9] is a method of imaging technique using near-infrared (NIR) region for bio-medical applications that has potential to provide the three-dimensional images of the optical parameters such as absorption coefficient and the scattering coefficient [12, 16].