absorption band

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a dark band in the spectrum of white light that has been transmitted through a substance that exhibits absorption at selective wavelengths

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Green group: Calibration set (65 samples), prediction set (35 samples), absorption band (502 to 2500), number of data points (401, every 5 nm of the spectra).
1] absorption band with glucose concentration in aqueous solutions.
Major characteristic absorption bands of the urethane acrylate prepolymer were identified as shown in Fig.
Table 1 and 2 represent the absorption band of characteristic functional groups.
3 that two or three characteristic absorption bands of the cyanate esier functional group (O-C[equivalent to]N) were observed between 2235 and 2280 [cm.
But there is no shift in the peak position of the absorption band.
The modification of band structure as well as band gaps also results in the change of intensity and shift of absorption band edge.
There is no absorption band of free '-OH' at 3600 [cm.
This dominant red absorption band is found to be associated with the first strongly dipole allowed excited states (oscillator strength larger than 1).
1], which are commonly attributed to the asymmetrical and symmetrical stretching vibrations of carbonyl groups of imide rings; absorption band at 1368 [cm.
1], and each absorption band was approximated by a Lorentzian function (33-35).
This specular reflection spectrum exhibits the dispersion in the refractive index that occurs through an infrared absorption band.
1], aliphatic C-H stretching assigned at 1,370 cm-l, and an absorption band typical of guaiacyl rings assigned at 1,320 [cm.