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a dark band in the spectrum of white light that has been transmitted through a substance that exhibits absorption at selective wavelengths

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These sensitizers have some advantages over organic dyes such as: tunable absorption bands due to the quantum-size effect, by a single incident photon it shows multi-electron- hole pair generation and it has high extinction coefficient.
An absorption band characteristic of the N-H group stretching was observed at 3,310 [cm.
Three characteristic absorption bands are observed in the spectra of pani at 269 nm, 368 nm and 618nm wavelength, n-Alpani composite had absorption peaks at 270 nm, 371 nm and 633nm which are attributed to [pi] -[[pi].
In spectrum of SP-80, the absorption band corresponding to oleic acid is considerably more expressed (v = 2924 [cm.
No IR absorption band attributed to calcite and aragonite was found in the spectra.
In this paper we extend the analysis of the absorbance measurements to wavelengths below 300 nm and include the strong absorption band of styrene at 270 nm.
The absorbance (A) of the aqueous solutions was studied at the absorption band maxima ((lambda)max).
There is a reduction of light loss by reflection and scattering and the intensity of an absorption band increases from an apparent absorption to its true absorption value with decreasing particle size [13].
Compared to HA, the reduction in absorption band around 1705 [cm.
Ozone absorption decreases with increasing k, and above 350 nm virtually no absorption exists except for a weak ozone absorption band in the visible range of the solar spectrum, at about 600 nm.
max]) and its fine structure (% III/II, which is expressed by the ratio between the peak height of the longest-wavelength absorption band (III) and the middle absorption peak, generally [[lambda].
s) - shoulder of absorption band Table 3 Classification of the degree of structural order of kaolinite samples using empirical (IR-E) and numerical (IR-N) classification.
In 6T4P glasses prepared in Pt crucibles, an absorption band on the absorption edge is observed (Fig.