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collapse of an expanded lung (especially in infants)

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Absorption atelectasis often develops from denitrogenation in patients who have low ventilation-perfusion ratios (maldistribution of ventilation), and are administered supplemental oxygen.
It is known that if the gas mixture used in mechanical ventilation enters the blood at a speed that is faster than the concentration it is inspired in the lungs, it is unavoidable that absorption atelectasis will form.
There have been suggestions that decline in lung function after bypass could relate to absorption atelectasis and a lower Fi[O.sub.2] has been suggested to assist prevention of that problem.
The results from the control group (100% oxygen) may have been negatively biased by the effect of absorption atelectasis referred to above, as a result of the displacement of inert pulmonary gases by 100% oxygen inhalation (Rothen et al 1995).
In a computer model of absorption atelectasis (16), the time to collapse in a lung unit filled with 30% oxygen was estimated to be three hours.