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collapse of an expanded lung (especially in infants)

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Absorption atelectasis often develops from denitrogenation in patients who have low ventilation-perfusion ratios (maldistribution of ventilation), and are administered supplemental oxygen.
In order to prevent this problem, I think that the following procedures should be adopted: pay attention to the pressure values and times, as well as to concentrations in the gas mixtures that are applied during the recruitment manoeuvre; give these values in the studies reported; and to prevent absorption atelectasis, hold the oxygen concentration in the oxygen-gas mixtures at the lowest level possible.
The results from the control group (100% oxygen) may have been negatively biased by the effect of absorption atelectasis referred to above, as a result of the displacement of inert pulmonary gases by 100% oxygen inhalation (Rothen et al 1995).
We were careful to give both the control and intervention group the same concentration of inspired oxygen, however, so if absorption atelectasis did occur it is likely to have occurred in both groups.
In a computer model of absorption atelectasis (16), the time to collapse in a lung unit filled with 30% oxygen was estimated to be three hours.