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(physics) material in a nuclear reactor that absorbs radiation

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Kwik-Fit customer services director David White, says: "It seems that driving a car on poor shock absorbers can give you backache and numerous other health problems.
Absorbers and diffusers are two of the primary design elements for changing acoustic conditions in rooms, partially enclosed spaces, and outdoors.
According to Bajaj Auto Vice-President Business Development S Ravikumar, 'Essentially, this invention comprises use of at least two spring elements disposed in parallel arrangement over a damper body in a vehicle shock absorber to share vehicle/ rider load and provide superior riding comfort compared to conventional single spring shock absorbers.
The use of UV absorbers has increased in plastics application owing to the high demand from industries such as packaging and agricultural films.
Essentially, the testing attempted to obtain information on the absorbability of the shock wave energy by the absorbers tested using a measurable parameter.
With this vision, we observed that traditional solar absorbers, thought to be made of smooth, continuous composite layers, were actually filled with tiny nano-particles of each composite element and large nano-particles on the top surface," he explained.
Among their topics are absorbers: applications and basic principles, measurement of reflections: scattering and diffusion, prediction of reflection including diffraction, geometric reflectors and diffusers, and absorbers and diffusers in rooms and geometric room acoustic models.
Hydraulic shock absorbers are a critical component of a wide variety of products.
By trapping sunlight with plasmonics, the solar absorber developed by our team can achieve higher efficiency levels.
With this unique patterning, the absorbers can be boosted to harvest more solar energy from the ultraviolet and visible regions of the electromagnetic spectrum," said Masdar Institute postdoctoral researcher Dr Jin You Lu, who is the paper's lead author along with MIT postdoctoral researcher Dr Sang Hoon Nam.
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has introduced a new high-performance material that ensures that shock absorbers can reliably do their job, even in extremely low temperatures down to -40[degrees]F.
Firstly the problem of improving the torsion bar suspensions' energy dissipation has been solved in the UK, when for the first time in parallel with the torsion bars the hydraulic piston shock absorbers have been installed.
Ferrite tiles for use as absorbers up to 100 MHz had been patented in Japan in 1969, but the tiles were expensive and difficult to ship in large quantities.
ABSTRACT: Cotton fabrics have been dyed withthe following dyes,Reactive Yellow 84, Reactive Red 22 and Reactive Blue198 dyesand the effect of combined application of commonly used antioxidant such as gallic acid, vitamin C and cafeic acid, and the ultraviolet absorbers such as 2-hydroxybenzophenone and phenyl salicylateis studied in order to improve light fastness property.
Although the functionality of the PPI absorber is better than existing products on the market, it looks the same and will therefore seem familiar to customers when the new absorbers appear in Faerch Plast's trays.