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(physics) material in a nuclear reactor that absorbs radiation

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An optimization procedure can be performed to find the parameters, R, L, and C, so that the modeled frequency response can best fit with that of the absorber in the desired frequency band.
A low-RCS metamaterial absorber (MMA) with enhanced bandwidth is designed and fabricated in this paper.
Metamaterials were employed to introduce an ultra thin absorber whose thickness is one tenth or one fifth free-space wavelengths.
The proposed configuration of the backplane-less absorber with double-negative MTM unit cell structures is shown in Figure 1.
Moreover, the increase in UPF of twill fabric treated with UV absorber is much higher than that of rib weave specimen.
Photopermanence refers to how long the UV absorber will last, the resistance to the degradation of the UV absorber.
To be effective, the energy absorber must be oriented properly to the incoming impact.
nr], that is not reflected and the sound power incident on the face of the absorber, [W.
Imported the 3D model into the optical software and then added the absorber.
The authors of this paper investigated the effect of axial (longitudinal) mixing of liquid and gas phases on the number stages in the countercurrent absorber with the mentioned construction.
The actual result of the test is the difference between the measured heights [in mm] of the maximum deformation recorded on the comb gage in the form of deformed rods for the reference system (with no absorber) and the system with absorber.
A paper describing the team's solar absorber was published in the journal Advanced Optical Materials this month.
Cox and D'Antonio keep up with the rapid evolution of the state of the art in acoustic absorber and diffuser theory, design, and application, as well as the latest status of measurement methods, standards, and prediction models.
Furthermore, the product will securely and snugly attach to a shock absorber, insuring it can carry out its intended function successfully.
The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology faculty are part of a collaborative team of researchers that has discovered a novel way to significantly increase the amount of sunlight that a solar absorber can convert into heat.