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(physics) material in a nuclear reactor that absorbs radiation

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The shock absorber market analysis is provided for the international markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status.
Cooling of the shock absorber was performed in an isotherm chamber, with carbon dioxide; heating was performed by achieving, with the stall, several functioning cycles, with high deformation velocities.
China's domestic shock absorber demand comes mainly from two sources: OEM market and after-sales maintenance market.
The special feature of this new absorber is that it is activated when the packaged meat begins releasing juices on about the third day.
Hostavin PR 25 (benzylidene malonate ester) nonhydroxy substituted uv absorber with absorptivities above 100 liters has a lambda maxima at 310 nm and sharp cutoff at 350 nm.
Moreover, the increase in UPF of twill fabric treated with UV absorber is much higher than that of rib weave specimen.
Photopermanence refers to how long the UV absorber will last, the resistance to the degradation of the UV absorber.
To be effective, the energy absorber must be oriented properly to the incoming impact.
Similarly, all the formulations containing a UV absorber were better than the control at restricting changes in [a.
nr], that is not reflected and the sound power incident on the face of the absorber, [W.
Imported the 3D model into the optical software and then added the absorber.
At 30mph a worn shock absorber can add up to two metres on to a car's braking distance.
Bajaj Auto (NSE: BAJAJ), an India-based automaker, has received patent for its invention of a multi-spring vehicle shock absorber.
Even at a relatively low speed such as 30mph, a worn shock absorber can add up to two metres to a car's braking distance.
Kwik-Fit offers free shock absorber checks, but motorists can detect problems by pushing down on the vehicle and if the bodywork bounces the shocker needs replacing.