absorbent material

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a material having capacity or tendency to absorb another substance

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In a meeting point, the first moving endless surface and the second moving endless surface are adjacent and in close proximity of one another during transfer of absorbent material from the first moving endless surface to the second moving endless surface; wherein the mating strip is arranged to mate with the raised strip during transfer of the absorbent material; and a downstream pressure roll with a raised pressure pattern substantially corresponding to the mating strip, for contacting the supporting sheet in an area thereof corresponding to a channel.
"It should be a legal requirement that all lorries used for the movement of animals should be fitted with proper liquid collection turfs containing liquid absorbent material. This would also help to control other animal diseases."
Rapra has worked on an absorbent material, while Revertex has developed latex for asphalt applications on road surfaces.
After contacting several colleagues about the defect, New Castle received two main suggestions--the defect was caused by "oil-dry" type absorbent material getting into the sand system or by exothermic sleeves.
To do this, mix trisodium phosphate (or a TSP substitute) with water and an absorbent material to make a smooth paste.
The apparatus is roughly 1 meter long and contains a column packed with an absorbent material and so-called scintillation beads.
A cladding panel system of stainless-steel woven wire cloth backed with absorbent material offers an effective solution to the problem of traffic related noise.
Each pack contains FDA-approved sharps container(s), absorbent material, a red plastic liner, tracking forms and a postage-paid shipping container with detailed instructions.
Among the accessories supplied are a simulated chaff cloud through which a moving target may pass and a number of external attachments including radar absorbent material, which convert the jammer into a stealthy target.
A polymer treated with detergent and supercritical carbon dioxide is stronger, lighter, and less bulky than cellulose, the traditional absorbent material in these products.
The system is a three-way catalytic converter that reduces nitrogen oxide in auto emissions using a special absorbent material. Specifically, it stores the pollutant during periods when the vehicle's engine burns lean gasoline mixtures.
The DACT contains 5 layers of special, absorbent material. Tbis lab will show you how it works.
But agency staff used special absorbent material to stop "further leakage".
According to CryoPort, its new high-volume container is based on its proprietary dry vapor technology, utilising liquid nitrogen in an absorbent material that provides extended endurance of below -150oC for 10 days.