absorbent material

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a material having capacity or tendency to absorb another substance

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Tender for purchase of clothing items such as Such as b|mh towels 75x150 cm , 100% cotton, very good water absorbent material.
Designed to move with a woman's body, new Poise ThinShape pads offer comfort and protection with the help of Super Absorbent Material (SAM), a dry touch layer, leak block sides, an Absorb-loc core that quickly locks away wetness and odor and a Thin-Flex design for extraordinary protection that's three times drier than period pads.
Bugg's team arranged to crystallize 11 proteins in space using double-barreled syringes that slowly extruded and mixed a protein solution and a precipitating agent into a chamber lined with absorbent material.
Also, since the pant-pad system keeps the absorbent material securely in place, it is especially useful for residents who tend to wear loose fitting clothing that might otherwise fail to support a pad alone.
A polymer treated with detergent and supercritical carbon dioxide is stronger, lighter, and less bulky than cellulose, the traditional absorbent material in these products.
Each pack contains FDA-approved sharps container(s), absorbent material, a red plastic liner, tracking forms and a postage-paid shipping container with detailed instructions.
The system is a three-way catalytic converter that reduces nitrogen oxide in auto emissions using a special absorbent material.
The DACT contains 5 layers of special, absorbent material.
A hygienic article for a male comprising: a tube having a first end adapted to receive a limp penis within an interior of the tube, and a closed second end, the tube comprising a permeable tubular stretch net material, wherein the tubular stretch net material comprises a cross support thread adapted to increase a compressive strength of the tube on the penis, a retaining portion adjacent the first end of the tube adapted to retain the hygienic article on the penis without substantially constricting blood flow, and an absorbent material disposed in the interior of the tube and extending at least within the second end of the tube adapted to absorb fluids.
The apparatus is roughly 1 meter long and contains a column packed with an absorbent material and so-called scintillation beads.
A cladding panel system of stainless-steel woven wire cloth backed with absorbent material offers an effective solution to the problem of traffic related noise.
After contacting several colleagues about the defect, New Castle received two main suggestions--the defect was caused by "oil-dry" type absorbent material getting into the sand system or by exothermic sleeves.
The fluid had to be covered with sand or another type of absorbent material - which then had to be removed - before traffic could resume, Hahn said.
Rapra has worked on an absorbent material, while Revertex has developed latex for asphalt applications on road surfaces.
But agency staff used special absorbent material to stop "further leakage".