absorbent material

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a material having capacity or tendency to absorb another substance

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and "A novel absorbent material," Martin Forrest, Rapra Technology Ltd.
Each pack contains FDA-approved sharps container(s), absorbent material, a red plastic liner, tracking forms and a postage-paid shipping container with detailed instructions.
The system is a three-way catalytic converter that reduces nitrogen oxide in auto emissions using a special absorbent material.
The DACT contains 5 layers of special, absorbent material.
But agency staff used special absorbent material to stop "further leakage".
2 : to apply medication to with a wad of absorbent material <A nurse swabbed the wound with iodine.
Also, since the pant-pad system keeps the absorbent material securely in place, it is especially useful for residents who tend to wear loose fitting clothing that might otherwise fail to support a pad alone.
Bugg's team arranged to crystallize 11 proteins in space using double-barreled syringes that slowly extruded and mixed a protein solution and a precipitating agent into a chamber lined with absorbent material.
Little toxin was produced in the presence of other tampon materials, including cotton, viscose rayon and polyacrylate rayon, the last another highly absorbent material suspected of being a factor in toxic shock.
Tender for purchase of clothing items such as Such as b|mh towels 75x150 cm , 100% cotton, very good water absorbent material.
But, the most significant benefit of this new mat is its fluid-barrier backing that traps fluid within the absorbent material and protects floors from staining.
An external urinary catheter, comprising: a tubular sheath including a closed distal end and an open proximal end; a layer of adhesive material non-releasably bonded to a portion of an inner surface of the tubular sheath; and an absorbent material positioned distal to the layer of adhesive material wherein the absorbent material is contained within and surrounded by a semi-permeable coverstock.
Each pack contains an FDA approved sharps containers, absorbent material, a red plastic liner, tracking forms, and a postage-paid shipping container with detailed instructions.
The result is an adhesive waterproof product made from a piece of absorbent material and an adhesive tab to keep it in place.