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Synonyms for absorbent

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Synonyms for absorbent

having a capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up

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Synonyms for absorbent

a material having capacity or tendency to absorb another substance

having power or capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up something (liquids or energy etc.)

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Today, many nurses no longer think of absorbent products as the primary means of managing incontinence, but rather view them as they should be - as a support to good nursing care.
Shields and Absorbent Pads: Disposable shields, or absorbent pads, are similar in appearance to sanitary napkins, often with an adhesive strip that attaches to underwear.
9,974,698 Absorbent Core with Curved and Straight Absorbent Material Areas: Hans Adolf Jackets, Mechernich, Germany.
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Method of Making an Absorbent Composite and Absorbent Articles Employing the Same: Patrick King Yu Tsang, Derbyshire, U.K.; Kuo-Shu Edward Chang, Charlotte, NC; and Andrew C.
An adhesive absorbent dressing comprising an absorbent nonwoven and a protective substrate that is impermeable to fluids, but permeable to water vapor, characterized in that: the substrate is formed by assembling a continuous film and an openwork reinforcement that is coated, on at least one of its faces, with adhesive silicone gel without blocking the openings in the reinforcement, said reinforcement covering the entire surface of the film, in that said dressing also comprises a non-absorbent web and a complementary nonwoven which are secured to one another along their periphery while encasing said absorbent nonwoven without being secured at any point to the latter, and in that said non-absorbent web adheres to the adhesive silicone gel that is coated onto said reinforcement.
An absorbent article comprising: a longitudinal direction and a transverse direction being orthogonal to the longitudinal direction, an absorbent panel having a body-contact surface for facing a body of the pet animal, a non-body-contact surface opposite to the body-contact surface, a ventral region, a dorsal region and an intermediate region extending between the ventral region and the dorsal region wherein the absorbent panel includes a liquid-permeable interior sheet, a liquid-impermeable exterior sheet and an absorbent core interleaved between the interior and exterior sheets, and a ventral side elastic element extending in the transverse direction in the ventral region.
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