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the property of being absorbent

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The creping action puts very small folds or accordions in the sheet that improve softness, bulk, and absorbency of the product.
The TopLiner Booster Contour insert "lines the top" of any disposable brief, undergarment, or pull-up, It increases absorbency while stopping leakage and minimizing changes.
corn, in two performance levels: Moderate Plus, for light absorbency; and Ultimate, for moderate absorbency.
Therefore, synthesizing a kind of composite superabsorbent with high water (salt) absorbency both in deionized water and saline solution still shows an interesting research area in developing its application.
Not only does that give the product distinctness, it enhances sheet characteristics, notably absorbency.
Each of the garments of the second sub-series has a second level of absorbency for the third garment size and a second level of absorbency for the fourth garment size.
DALLAS, May 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Kimberly-Clark Corporation (NYSE: KMB) today announced the introduction of Huggies UltraTrim diapers, a redesigned disposable diaper that is 50 percent thinner and offers absorbency equal to diapers twice as thick.
Premium tissue products rely on feel, softness, absorbency, and bulk to differentiate their products.
Tranquility's patented Peach Mat Construction provides high-capacity absorbency that preserves skin integrity, while providing odor control and ensuring dryness.
By combining Sonoco's paper tube technology and Dyecor's expertise in super absorbent materials, these products provide superior protection during transit as well as rapid absorbency in the event of an accidental spill during shipping.
The chlorine used to produce rayon results in additional dioxin; most manufacturers of feminine hygiene products use rayon in tampons and wood pulp in sanitary pads for absorbency.
Debonders are often used in tissue and towel manufacturing to impart softness, bulk, and absorbency.
Two new high-performance uv absorbers: Cyasorb UV-l164 hydroxytriazine with low volatility and good solubility in most polymers provides strong absorbency in both the UV-A and UV-B regions; and Cyasorb UV-3638 benzoxazinone with very strong absorbency in the UV-A and UV-B regions is extremely low in volatility and does not contribute color to the matrix.
Three tests for absorbency (wicking, total absorbency and absorbency of oil) accounted for 60 percent of a paper towel's overall score.