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the property of being absorbent

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Personally Delivered(TM) is proud to announce a new line of daytime and overnight adult incontinence pull-on protective underwear with exceptional absorbency and comfort.
Gelok laminates are designed to offer absorbency rates and capacities tailored to meet specific applications.
In addition, the energy absorbency rate ([w.sub.d]) is adopted and defined as the ratio between the absorbed energy and the incident energy, as shown in the following equation:
The calibration curve and pertinence are obtained by the absorbency from different concentrations of [Hg.sup.2+].
Air permeability of knitted fabric for various (a) yarn counts and (b) P/C blend ratios absorbency (a) Yarn counts Air permeability ([cm.sup.3]/[cm.sup.2]/sec) Yarn counts [C.sub.1]=12s 31.917 [C.sub.2]=16s 33.667 [C.sub.3]=20s 36.167 (b) P/C blend ratios Air permeability ([cm.sup.3]/cm (2)/sec) P/C blend ratios B0-0/100 36.8889 B1-10/90 35.111 B2-35/65 33.112 B3-50/50 30.556 Note: Table made from bar graph.
The results indicate that the surface coated alchite fibers are excellent candidate for the production of wound dressings for highly exudating wounds because of their excellent water absorbency and salt solution absorbency.
This has been scaled back from an original proposal for a higher loss absorbency buffer that was on average 12-13 percent of the basic one.
* 100 percent polyester interlocked wipes and 100 percent polyester Purity wipes with a knit construction for exceptional absorbency and cleanliness.
Effect of NaAM[C.sub.14]S Content on Water Absorbency. A typical profile of water absorbency for SACFs as a function of various ionic strengths in the salt (NaCl, Mg[Cl.sub.2], and Ca[Cl.sub.2]) solution is depicted in Figure 5.
Absorbency is the key feature in choosing products.
EssentiA does, meanwhile, have absorbency and drapability characteristics that are equal or superior to those of cotton says the company.
To understand more about antimicrobial agents, the effect on other parameters such as whiteness index and absorbency were studied.
The west water, Compost manure, and the leachate have a significant amount of these materials which can affect as chelate, the soil absorbency [9].