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Synonyms for absorbed

Synonyms for absorbed

having one's thoughts fully occupied

Synonyms for absorbed

giving or marked by complete attention to

retained without reflection

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At a deeper religious level, the desert can turn into a paradisal space where one's soul, wholly devoted to the Divine and absorbedly contemplating His Creations, relishes its spiritual blessings.
10) In "The Future of the Novel," Lawrence writes, "So there you have the 'serious' novel, dying in a very long-drawn-out fourteen-volume death agony, and absorbedly, childishly interested in the phenomenon.
He launches an outburst at a threesome of observers assembled behind the windows across the way, and turns back into the room to find the Inspector comparing the lengths of his fingers, the watchmen absorbedly scratching their knees, and the three bank non-entities looking aimlessly around--all childish measures of diverting admonitions, which is precisely what K.
The young fellow would gaze absorbedly at the colourful maps for hours at a time.