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Synonyms for absorbed

Synonyms for absorbed

having one's thoughts fully occupied

Synonyms for absorbed

giving or marked by complete attention to

retained without reflection

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She gathered in the whole--stage and players and people in one wide impression, and absorbed it and enjoyed it.
She floated again from out the light and into the gloom (which deepened momently) and again her shadow fell from her into the ebony water, and became absorbed into its blackness.
Dinner-time presented the fair student to the family eye in the same mentally absorbed aspect.
He noticed me not, but resumed his solemn walk, while I, ceasing to follow, remained absorbed in contemplation.
The whist-players were quite absorbed in their game.
But even during the brief intervals in which they are in love, men do other things which distract their mind; the trades by which they earn their living engage their attention; they are absorbed in sport; they can interest themselves in art.
Meanwhile, the archdeacon, who had abandoned the dumbfounded Charmolue where he stood, had approached them and halted a few paces distant, watching them without their noticing him, so deeply were they absorbed in contemplation of the purse.
He seemed to see and hear nothing of what was going on around him and to be absorbed by some depressing and unsolved problem.
He was entirely absorbed by two considerations: his wife's guilt, of which after his sleepless night he had not the slightest doubt, and the guiltlessness of Dolokhov, who had no reason to preserve the honor of a man who was nothing to him.
Mirabel stood, looking at the roses which Emily had left on her chair, as completely absorbed in his own thoughts as if he had been alone in the garden.
It was noted that the rate of absorbed dose increased with the increase in the field size and decreased with the increase in depths.
The Absorb GT1 Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold System (BVS), which releases the drug everolimus to limit the growth of scar tissue, is gradually absorbed by the body in approximately three years.
Once the plant has absorbed a significant amount of metal, they can also be harvested for their commercially valuable contents.
Oil absorbency (g/g) = Weight of absorbed oil in sample/Weight of sample before oil absorption
Nelsons has addressed that issue with its Spatone pur-Absorb Iron supplement, which the company says has a clinically proven high absorption rate, meeting the body's daily absorbed iron needs with a lower dose of iron.