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Synonyms for absorbent

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Synonyms for absorbent

having a capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up

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Synonyms for absorbent

a material having capacity or tendency to absorb another substance

having power or capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up something (liquids or energy etc.)

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Et de rencherir, [beaucoup moins que]L'adjudication dont on parle pour la fourniture de filtres absorbant le CO2 emanant de l'usine Mobco, est une etape supplementaire prise par l'usine, et non pas sous la demande du Comite scientifique.[beaucoup plus grand que] L'ingenieur Chawqui a observe que ce qui paraEt sur la scene est un malentendu.
(2002) found favorable outcomes for the use of orthotics for preventing stress fractures and reported that shock absorbant boot insoles might be beneficial for preventing stress fractures in military recruits.
The ratio of surface tension to concentration in a balanced state was labelled as absorbing substance surface activity by Rebinder ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1966), which characterizes the absorbing substance's ability to change the interfacial tension of the absorbant. Substances which decrease interfacial tension are called surface-active substances.
It's certainly absorbant - it's already absorbed quite a few blows from yours truly.
Although shock absorbant cartilage tissue is unable to regenerate in the body, medics at Good Hope Hospital, in Sutton Cold-field, are using advanced treatments to give sports enthusiasts, arthritics and young patients a second chance with their damaged knees.
The NIST researchers have demonstrated that the additives can be blended directly into the concrete with current chemical admixtures, but that even better performance is achieved when the additives are mixed into the concrete by saturating absorbant, lightweight sand.
Fill it with a safe absorbant litter such as recycled newspaper or citrus-based litter.
The reflective jacket has an MP3 pocket, is 100 per cent waterproof and has shock absorbant padding in the shoulders and elbows.
Up to now nappies and other absorbant products have been one of the few remaining household items that go straight to landfills, incinerator or composting facilities.
Firefighters wearing specialist gas-tight suits used chemical absorbant foam and wipes to clear up the chemical and decontaminate the scene.
As an alternative, we developed and tested a lab-scale absorption system using a room temperature ionic liquid, tetradecy(trihexyl)phosphonium dicyanamide, as the absorbant. Tests were conducted on simulated exhaust containing only methanol and [alpha]-pinene, kiln dryer exhaust, and veneer dryer exhaust.
Comme l'annoncait Oum (1991) avant la signature de l'accord transfrontalier, la liberalisation du marche transfrontalier a amene les transporteurs americains a connecter les villes canadiennes a leur reseau, absorbant ainsi leur trafic international et transfrontalier.
It also features extremely high absorbant capacity, cleans absolutely lint- and streak-free, cleans like genuine leather and saves water and detergent.