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(physics) a measure of the extent to which a substance transmits light or other electromagnetic radiation

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To a first approximation, photon absorption follows the Lambert-Beer law, where the number of photons present at depth l is related to the optical absorbancy. Other factors that influence the rate of cure are the yield of radicals per absorbed photon, and the number of photons absorbed per unit time.
Adolescents might change tampons infrequently during the day, sleep long hours with tampons in place, or insert more than one for extra absorbancy, Dr.
Adolescents might change tampons in-frequently during the day, sleep long hours with tampons in place, or insert more than one for extra absorbancy, Dr.
In fact, the industrial use of UV has been limited because of the large absorbancy of the radiation in juices that contain suspended solids and pulp thus reducing the flow rates necessary to achieve sufficient exposure of contaminants to the UV.
The court found that the absorbancy of the material handed to the plaintiff to dry his foot would not be "beyond the common sense, experience, and education of the average juror." Accordingly, the court concluded that the issue relative to ordinary negligence by the hospital was one which provided a question for an average juror, and thus, no expert testimony was required regarding the plaintiff proceeding on that count of his complaint.
This can take extensive testing, and since each paper has a different coating and absorbancy, the formula for making a pleasing print varies significantly amongst different types of paper.
absorbancy of the extract revealed that the maximum absorbance of the CLJ extract was approximately at 215-225 nm, which is the range of absorbance of peptide bonds carbonyl groups.
One of the benefits of this composite over other wood products is that it offers better anti-slipperiness under wet or dry conditions and has very low moisture absorbancy," he adds.
In this study, positive assessment of infection with optical density readings was accomplished by establishing the positive-negative threshold as three times the absorbancy reading of the negative controls (Khetarpal and Kumar, 1995).
We measured NADPH-P450 reductase activity in postmitochondrial fractions of purified interstitial cells as the change in absorbancy at 550 nm (28).
First, a standard curve relating the number of colonies in a sample and that sample's light absorbancy rate was developed.
At 50 wt% polymer a continuous layer was formed, but there were still areas of uncoated fibers causing a high water absorbancy. At 70 wt% polymer, the surface became smooth and since all fibers were coated the amount of water absorbed was low.