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(physics) a measure of the extent to which a substance transmits light or other electromagnetic radiation

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For the PCR-OLA numeric readout, the blank absorbance value was subtracted from the absorbance of the samples and the ratio of the absorbance for the WT reaction to that of the mutant reaction was calculated for both of the mutations separately in each sample.
For the EIA assay, the reflex is not necessary for specimens with an absorbance >1.
The PCR-ONH assay also clearly distinguished the control mutant 63D allele and the control wild-type H63 allele, with an absorbance ratio of 0.
These absorbances are marked as [greater than or equal to] 3.
The four wavelengths were selected for different absorbances of major hemoglobin variants and water to facilitate the simultaneous determination of total hemoglobin concentration and oxygen saturation (5).
MTX is quantified by measurement of the decrease in absorbance at 340 nm that occurs when NADPH is converted to [NADP.
The absorbance was measured on a microtiter plate reader (LP400; Sanofi Diagnostics Pasteur) at 450 nm.
For most QD samples in this study the measured absorbances were similar to those shown in Fig.
Stop the reaction using stop buffer as soon as the plate has developed enough for absorbance readings.
The final concentrations used for taking the absorbance are 0.
The nature of chemical species in water and their concentration can be determined only by photoeolorimetric optical absorbance value after in analysed water were caused specific color reactions in as many water samples as chemical species of interest.
We set out to determine if the absorbance (log transmittance) as measured by an integrating sphere spectrophotometer of coatings with absorbing, reflecting, or scattering pigments was linearly proportional to the layer thickness.
Normalization of the above absorbances is carried out according to the following equations:
Absorbances of samples were scanned (Beckman DU-800) from 350 to 550 run in 1-mL airblanked quartz cuvettes.
All other absorbances reading were taken with reference to this ([[lambda].