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(physics) a measure of the extent to which a substance transmits light or other electromagnetic radiation

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The absorbance of the occurred chromophore was measured at 550 nm using a Unico 4802 UV-visible double beam spectrophotometer (USA).
Prior to use in the assay, the ABTS radical cation was diluted with 50% methanol for an initial absorbance of about 0.
luteus showed almost 100% absorbance capacity for Cr(IV) for all metal concentrations after 24 h of incubation but the absorbance ability was decreased gradually along with increase in incubation after each 24 h and finally the capacity decreased much after 96 h (Fig.
Whereas is the initial absorbance of the medium and is absorbance in decolorated medium.
Absorbance (deionized water was taken as reference) of these solutions were measured at 445 nm by a double beam UV spectrophotometer and a calibration curve was made.
2+-] murexide complex which has an absorption maximum at 462 nm where the low absorbance indicate a high chelating activity.
Plates were read at 550 nm or scanned between 400 and 700 nm with TECAN-Sunrise absorbance reader equipped with a gradient filter and Magellan software.
3, after the biochemically binded boards made by the SYG pretreated wood fiber, the absorbance of O-H stretch peak became lower, it mented that some OH might produce hydrogen bond.
Samples S-3 (presence of cupric sulphide) and S-4 (presence of sulphur) shows similar wavelength, but their absorbance peak slightly varies which is shown in Figures 5 and 6.
Absorbance measured in the holder outside and the holder inside the IS detector can be very different.
A solution of 5 mg/mL L-Tryptophan (T90204 Aldrich) was prepared in deionized water for absorbance measurements to determine the optimal excitation wavelength for Trp and to provide a reference for Trp fluorescence.
For MMA backed by continuous metallic plate (T([omega]) = 0), the absorbance is calculated by