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Synonyms for suture

a seam used in surgery

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thread of catgut or silk or wire used by surgeons to stitch tissues together

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join with a suture

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Tenders are invited for Supply Of: Non Absorbable Surgical Suture
Tenders are invited for Code No 2347No 1 Absorbable Surgical Suture Sterilized Surgical Needle Sature Polyglycolic Acid Polyglaction Vilot 1/2 Circle Rb 40 Mm Heavy 90 Cm L12 Packs In Each Box Ce Mark Approved Make Lotus / Meril / Hll Life Care Limited
Polyfilament Synthetic absorbable surgical suture material based on polyglycolide for high-tech, complex and critical phase of the operation.
Chromic Catgut -4226, Absorbable Surgical Suture USP (45mm,3/8 Circle R B , 76cm) (Size-1)