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The reactions were followed in a spectrophotometer, by the absorbability variation in the wavelength of 470 nm over three minutes at 25[degrees]C, immediately after adding the enzymatic extract to the reaction mixture, and the activity was expressed in absorbability unites (AU) min.
Yoshizawa, Hydrogen Absorbability of SCM Steels and Its Effect on Cracking Behavior, Materials Science (in Japanese), 29, (1981) 1102-1107.
This absorbability puts vitamin K2 at greater risk of interfering with Coumadin, which is a vitamin K antagonist.
The following year, 1982, Unicharm adopted Super Absorbent Polymer into "Moony" aiming to dramatically improve absorbability and retentivity of urine.
This is possible if there is accessibility, availability and affordability to diversify food to enhance absorbability of iron in the general population.
Plunkett (7) attempted to test the first two theories of ETAP by having athletes digest fluid of varying absorbability and use various physical methods in an attempt to increase or decrease the amount of ETAP.
Mario Ferruzzi, lead researcher and associate professor of food science and nutrition at Purdue University, insists that adding ascorbic acid to green tea would increase the absorbability of catechins found in the tea.
You place inserts made of layers of fabric inside the pocket, according to your absorbability needs.
Moral Hazard and Absorbability, Bell Journal of Economics (10 : 1979)
As per Rogers (1995) model of Innovation Decision Process, innovations that are perceived by firms as having greater relative advantages, compatibility, absorbability and less complexity will be adopted more rapidly rather than other innovations.
Besides the necessity of aid to finance elementary education and questions about sustainability, absorbability, etc.
26) Even a mention of Jack Johnson ruptures the elite strategy of reshaping the child's body towards absorbability into whiteness.
It's just not our first priority," said Bob Hamilton, marketing director at Welspun, who noted that the company focuses its attention on other factors, including design, absorbability and laundering.
This is especially true for soil because Pb in soil can exist in a variety of different mineral forms and particle types, some of which tend to have low absorbability.