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Synonyms for absolve

Synonyms for absolve

to free from a charge or imputation of guilt

to free from an obligation or duty

Synonyms for absolve

grant remission of a sin to


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and Draws parallel with Modi getting clean chit despite inquiry report not absolving him of guilt Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) former chief General (R) Asad Durrani in the newly released book The Spy Chronicles said that the cost of prosecuting Jamaat-ud-Dawah(JuD) headHafiz Saeed is too great.
Besides absolving Binay, the appellate court also ordered the reinstatement of Makati city hall employees Emerito Magat, Nelia Barlis, Leonila Querijero, Raydes Pestano, Eleno Mendoza and Virginia Hernandez.
Last month, President Uhuru Kenyatta joined 43 other African heads of state to sign a new trade agreement aimed at absolving tariff and non-tariff barriers that have hindered intra-Africa trade for years.
Summary: Islamabad [Pakistan], April 14 (ANI): A petition has been filed at the Pakistan Supreme Court against former chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani alleging him of absolving a legally established armed forces Medical store depot and manufacturing, supplying and procuring degraded medicines.
It is suggested that those Volunteer Teachers who have not obtained three passes in the A Level should be considered for absolving in the permanent service and they should be given a time period of one to two years to complete their three subject pass in the A Level.
" It is quite evident now that the BCCI members are in complete collusion and working as hand in glove with each other in staging the drama of constituting a probe panel and getting a doctored report absolving Mr Meiyappan for charges of betting and spot fixing.
"Is there any covert agreement within the March 14 group on distribution of roles, with some absolving Syria of responsibility (for Hariri's assassination) and others blaming it?" it asked.
First, absolving people of their debts sets an unhealthy precedent.
The attorney for Rehman Malik also filed a plea for absolving him (Rehman Malik) of presence in court during the proceedings, because he had deep concerns for a possible attempt on his life by Taliban elements, who had categorically threatened him of being exterminated.