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Synonyms for absolve

Synonyms for absolve

to free from a charge or imputation of guilt

to free from an obligation or duty

Synonyms for absolve

grant remission of a sin to


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"Because," replied the father, "to absolve you for that motive would be a sin for which the king would never absolve me, my lord."
I tell you, my dear, I cannot absolve myself from the promises I make to these helpless creatures.
"Yes, Father," laughed the great fellow, "for the sake of Holy Church I did indeed confiscate that temptation completely, and if you must needs have proof in order to absolve me from my sins, come with me now and you shall sample the excellent discrimination which the Bishop of Norwich displays in the selection of his temptations."
She read me what she had written, and it was direct and clear, and evidently intended to absolve me from any suspicion of profiting by the receipt of the money.
In absolving Baguilat of his administrative liability, the CA applied the "condonation doctrine" which absolves an elected official of administrative offenses committed during his previous term.
It was caused by excessive sovereign debt after years of economic mismanagement (Varoufakis rather absolves successive Greek governments of responsibility in this), made much more difficult to manage of course because of its membership of the Eurozone which he likens to the old Gold Standard.
In its May 3 ruling, the appellate court's 10th Division said the so-called 'Aguinaldo doctrine,' which absolves elected officials of administrative liabilities after their reelection, was still 'applicable' to Binay's case even after the Supreme Court abandoned it in 2015.
Srinivasan who faked his stepping aside as BCCI president till the probe panel submits its report and absolves his son in law Meiyappan from the charges of betting and spot fixing, be not allowed at any cost to resume his functioning as BCCI president, otherwise he would succeed further in shielding and protecting his son in law in any other such probe in future.
We believe that the company obtained the cheques through deceptive methods, which absolves our client of any criminal intention," the lawyer argued.