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Synonyms for absolved

freed from any question of guilt

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I promised my friend that I would say nothing of the matter, and a promise is a promise,; said she; 'but if I can really help her when so serious a charge is laid against her, and when her own mouth, poor darling, is closed by illness, then I think I am absolved from my promise.
She confessed to him, and he absolved her from her sins.
If any caprice of temper should induce him to cast aside this golden opportunity before he has brought it to perfection, I consider myself absolved from extending any assistance to his mother and sister.
For in laughter is all evil present, but it is sanctified and absolved by its own bliss:--
Neville Landless, though absolved from his books for the time by Mr.
The Professor's indignation found in itself a final cause that absolved him from the sin of turning to destruction as the agent of his ambition.
I then made my appearance on the rock, for the time too was passed; though I even think father Ignatius would have absolved me from the vow, on account of the treachery of my keepers.
If he had not," muttered the youth between his compressed teeth, "I would have absolved him for ever from his spiritual care of your conscience
Clennam again assured him that he absolved it of the responsibility.
Summary: Transportation and Public Works Minister Ghazi Zeaiter absolved his ministry Friday of any responsibility for street flooding during heavy rains last week, blaming the failure of drainage systems on private entrepreneurs and other public institutions.
BRITISH Cycling head coach Shane Sutton pulled no punches in assessing his squad's belowpar performance at the Track Cycling World Championships in Cali - but he absolved absent performance director Sir Dave Brailsford of blame.
OWEN FARRELL has been absolved of blame by a Rugby Football Union investigation after a match ticket allocated to the England fly-half was sold on a ticketing website.
MTN hired a group of investigators who were led by Leonard Hoffman, a former UK House of Lords judge, that absolved the firm of any wrongdoing.
The observation came after advocate Prashant Bhushan said the government had absolved the suppliers despite the statutory mandate against it in the nuclear liability Act.
and absolved him of any malicious intent when he signed the cheques.