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Synonyms for absolve

Synonyms for absolve

to free from a charge or imputation of guilt

to free from an obligation or duty

Synonyms for absolve

grant remission of a sin to


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ABSOLVE YOURSELF "Make" yourself eat foods you've previously thought of as sinful every day in small amounts.
It is premature to absolve pollutants of blame, says Allen; negative results on a few chemicals do not constitute a not-guilty verdict.
A statement released by the office of the Taliban leader said the manner in which the attacks occurred Tuesday -- in which hijackers slammed two jetliners into the World Trade Center and crashed a third plane at the Pentagon -- was enough to absolve bin Laden of any involvement in these acts.
The report urges insurers to prepare to serve employers that won't contract with a provider unless it has Internet capabilities that absolve employers of administering employee benefits.
While Gaines's attachment to his daughter doesn't absolve his guilt for forcing Mar garet into a sexual relationship, it offers a complex, compelling image of what Toni Morrison characterizes as the "jungle" of the slaveholder's consciousness.
The media resignation in the face of trying to alter such behavior reveals how thoroughly society has colluded with such men to absolve them of any responsibility for their criminal behavior.
However, when the rental group involves adults, and adventure activities are planned, I've also seen the use of releases (hold harmless clauses) that absolve the camp, its agents and employees from liability.
The court ordered the execution to be carried out in front of the victim's blood kins who refused to absolve the killer.
But what is needed right now is for the sites' operators to accept they cannot absolve themselves from responsibility for what appears on their pages.
THE Centre will have to justify before the Supreme Court its decision to absolve Russian suppliers of any civil liability in case of an accident in the Kudankulam nuclear power plant.
We believe that the company obtained the cheques [using] deceptive methods, and which absolve our client of any criminal intention.
No amount of money can absolve News International from hacking in to the phone of murder victim Milly Dowler, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg said yesterday, following the disclosure that the company was about to settle its case with the teenager's family.
Not to absolve this man Jerry Porter, a seventh-year pro from West Virginia who was recognizable in training camp by the big middle finger pictured on his T-shirt and who might listen more closely to the bosses who are paying him $10 million guaranteed on a five-year contract.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting this week the Lorem Ipsum Bookstore began granting "indulgences" which absolve a shopper of a certain amount of guilt for having purchased a product from a non-independent store.
Before he left Winnipeg, Archbishop Pocock wrote to me saying that the Canadian Bishops had spoken with a nearly unanimous voice and that he expected me to accept that statement and to absolve those contracepting in good faith.