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Synonyms for absolutistic

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Synonyms for absolutistic

pertaining to the principle of totalitarianism


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Hence we want to write anything down in terms of key-Logics of the Objects (Absolutistic block), and of key-Logics of the Relationships (Relativistic block).
REBT suggests that when people are inclined to easiness, fulfilling their desires and wants in a grandiose, absolutistic and fatalistic or derthen it promotes disruption and tumult in the society (Ellis, A.
Absolutistic positions did exist in the political discourse of early sixteenth-century England but were a minority and were considered quite extreme: the dichotomy absolutism vs.
So far, not a single absolutistic monarchy has been significantly affected.
It can be understood by a comparison of it with another approach that aims at the reconstruction of society at larger scale by applying absolutistic theories.
Because his absolutistic dreams and illusions cannot come true right away, Ahab suffers from the complex of symptoms described above.
(Summer 2010 ed.), http://plato.stanford.edu/archives/surn2010/entries/paternalism ("Kantian views are frequently absolutistic in their objections to paternalism.
Past the 'Arab Spring', neither will russia effectively sustain its presence in the Middle East on a strict pan-Arabic secular, republican and anti-Islamic idea, nor will the US manage to politically and morally justify its backing off of the absolutistic monarchies energized by the backward, dismissive and oppressive Wahhabism.
After 1648, Germany's many semi-sovereign states tried to balance the absolutistic reign with the demand for parliamentarian representation by the emerging bourgeoisie.
While this approach can threaten absolutistic religious views, it is consistent with the nonabsolutistic practice of any religious tradition.
Core beliefs are absolutistic statements about ourselves, others, or the world.
I had been born under an absolutistic racist regime in Mississippi; I had lived and worked for twelve years under the political dictatorship of the Communist party of the United States; and I had spent a year of my life under the police terror of Peron in Buenos Aires." As much political treatise as travelogue, Wright's book defines the many facets of the "outsider" mentality.
For instance, addressing central irrational thoughts such as absolutistic demands (i.e., demandingness) and self-evaluations such as 'I absolutely have to attain a certain goal otherwise [ am a failure' by means of self-talk, debating, and group discussions (cf.
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) is active-directive, but is also unusually post-modernistic and constructivist in that it specializes in showing clients how their conscious and unconscious absolutistic philosophies lead to much of their dysfunctional feelings and behaviours, and what they can do to make themselves more open-minded and flexible in their intra-personal and interpersonal relationships (Ellis 1998).