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Synonyms for absolutistic

Synonyms for absolutistic

pertaining to the principle of totalitarianism


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42) He chides in particular those who take the Zen dictum of "non reliance on words and letters" in a simplistic and absolutistic manner, as missing the point.
It is simply unprofitable to approach masturbation, a theologically grey issue, with a morally absolutistic mindset, and this expanded vocabulary makes it possible to consider masturbation in a more nuanced fashion that befits its moral ambiguity.
In the historical world, however, we have been frequently exposed to the brutally concentrated political power of one, namely, absolutistic totalitarianism.
And although the majority of the Hungarian nobility were hostile to the enlightened absolutistic Habsburg court, the messages of enlightenment drifting eastward from west of Vienna reached more and more people.
Under this new leadership, a different denominational culture has emerged, one that is creedalistic, rationalistic, absolutistic, legalistic, and separatistic.
The Meiji Constitution adopted both the absolutistic theory that the sovereignty of the Emperor is based on the divine will of a god similar in theory to the divine right of kings on the one hand, and various principles of modern constitutionalism on the other.
Quite the contrary; in this view, it is the individual who claims to be able to stand apart form all such values and commitments and achieve utter value-neutrality who is making absolutistic claims.
A consistent pessimism in regard to man's rational capacity for justice leads to absolutistic political theories; for they prompt the conviction that only preponderant power can coerce the various vitalities of a community into a working harmony.
21) Likewise, Loehe deplored the absolutistic claims made by Martin Stephan.
According to Nicholas Capaldi, Enlightenment "reason" as a self-knowledge and as a useful knowledge, especially pertaining to human nature, critically targeted feudal economy, religious intolerance, and absolutistic governments.
Nonetheless, the Church consistently links gender roles and power differentials to absolutistic discourse on nature, thereby suggesting the unchangeable and necessary character of the present.
Sutter was sympathetic to Americanos, as they, too, had revolted from an absolutistic government, and gave them considerable help when they came out west.
After 1648, Germany's many semi-sovereign states tried to balance the absolutistic reign with the demand for parliamentarian representation by the emerging bourgeoisie.
While this approach can threaten absolutistic religious views, it is consistent with the nonabsolutistic practice of any religious tradition.
I had been born under an absolutistic racist regime in Mississippi; I had lived and worked for twelve years under the political dictatorship of the Communist party of the United States; and I had spent a year of my life under the police terror of Peron in Buenos Aires.