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Synonyms for absolutist

one who advocates absolutism

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pertaining to the principle of totalitarianism


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The absolutist denial of universal human rights revels in the romantic mysticism of primitive society.
Earman argues that the absolutist may deny R1 but accept R2.
192) Somewhat paradoxically, then, Justices may be more inclined to use absolutist language in those cases where a strong counterargument exists.
There are real people at the heart of absolutist administrations.
In other words, the burden of proof should be placed on the absolutist where it belongs.
The Spanish absolutist monarchy formalized this process of communal identification, benefiting from the sale of liberty proceeds and providing an appellate court system for the territorially aggressive communities of Castile.
Both sides are way too absolutist and see easy moral distinctions.
It is quite easy to be an absolutist when you are never faced with reality.
These liberal views are partly motivated by reference to the nation's past as a freedom-loving and tolerant republic in absolutist and basically intolerant ancien regime Europe.
Cook argues that relativism is not a form of skepticism in that both the relativist and the absolutist claim that they know what is morally correct.
That, of course, was the appeal of Justice Hugo Black's absolutist views about the First Amendment: He didn't have to distinguish between the forms of speech.
Hegelian thinking gave rise to absolutist political theories of both the right and the left.
In light of these high stakes, absolutist constitutional rhetoric runs the risk of unduly alienating litigation losers, sending the message that they are cultural outsiders whose understandings of our nation's core values are fundamentally incorrect.
He analyzes rhetoric to discern patterns of the effects of patronage on content, using works from such as de Balzac, de Viau, Sorel and Corneille, and in doing so fundamentally changes what we know about absolutist culture, especially that having to do with private and public segments of that culture and the interplay of the political and the personal in creative relationships.
To be consistent, any proponent of the absolutist moral argument must argue that, even were a Hitler to possess a nuclear weapon, it would be morally wrong for us to possess a counterbalancing nuclear force," he said.