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Synonyms for absolutist

one who advocates absolutism

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pertaining to the principle of totalitarianism


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For instance, Thomas argues that Gorham's supposition (that More turned to absolutism with respect to time because of a parallelism with the rise of absolutist thinking regarding space) is false, because More settled on his account of time before deciding between three competing theories of space.
Mr Chapman said of Mrs May: "Where she's taken some absolutist positions on particular issues, I'm thinking of the European Court of Justice.
Now, more than ever, the new administration has epitomized this dangerous absolutist thinking.
Each council retained most expert, second-tier administrative personnel in order to continue to build upon absolutist bureaucratic procedures.
Indeed McKenna rejects any absolutist ethical position, giving priority to detailing the complexity of the issues at stake, and calling for all concerned to reflect carefully about the concerns our uses of animals raise.
The disagreement between the church and the king, who wanted to consolidate his power in an absolutist setting in Medieval Europe, was also relevant to the control in the public sphere.
Justices employing absolutist rhetoric thus often depict a case as easier than it is.
For the Quakers, who had been instrumental in getting the conscience clause added to the Military Service Act, the decision to be "absolutist" or "non-combatant" wasn't as clear-cut as might be imagined.
To that end, he considers the European Absolutist state both as a general type and in particular instances.
THE MOORINGS Absolutist will take to the stage at the Moorings with support from Boak.
KABUL (PAN): During King Amanullah Khan's era, power transitioned from an absolutist government to a constitutional setup for the first time in Afghanistan, the Security Transition Commission head said on Sunday.
The most offensive aspect of so much of the international, especially American, commentary on Egypt is its absolutist nature that assumes three things that I believe are wrong assumptions: That current events in a short span of time will define Egypt for many years; that the people of Egypt essentially only face two choices, namely the Muslim Brotherhood or the armed forces; and that loyalists of both parties will clash and one of them will win, with no space in between for subtleties or nuances or groups of citizens engaging each other to craft a new political culture that is neither absolutist nor autocratic.
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, April 24, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Legend of Talisman Pro is a new title launched on the App Store by Absolutist in partnership with Smokoko.
First off, John Boyne's latest adult work, Boyne writes children's fiction too, The Absolutist (Other Press, $16.95) was recently released in the United States.
Instead they are hell-bent on seeing the annihilation of the one in order to achieve the complete and total accession of the other, and like any monotheistic system or dictatorship, the cinema industry believes it needs to be absolutist to succeed.