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Synonyms for absolutist

one who advocates absolutism

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pertaining to the principle of totalitarianism


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Soon a system was introduced in which imprisoned conscientious objectors had the chance to swap prison for work centres, where they would be employed doing work not directly related to the war, though absolutists remained in prison.
Now, more than ever, the new administration has epitomized this dangerous absolutist thinking.
Each council retained most expert, second-tier administrative personnel in order to continue to build upon absolutist bureaucratic procedures.
Indeed McKenna rejects any absolutist ethical position, giving priority to detailing the complexity of the issues at stake, and calling for all concerned to reflect carefully about the concerns our uses of animals raise.
This means that secularism restricted the authority of the church and democracy limited the absolutist rule and stipulated pluralism in the public life in the West; maybe there was no other choice.
From a strategic standpoint, absolutist rhetoric reflects the Justices' efforts to legitimize a decision to society.
Afghanistan had an absolutist but stable government system, according to the former finance minister, who regretted that the achievements had been forgotten.
This is the main reason why I feel that so much of the absolutist, almost apocalyptic, analysis of Egypt's condition is wrong and demeaning.
com)-- Legend of Talisman Pro is a new title launched on the App Store by Absolutist in partnership with Smokoko.
Instead they are hell-bent on seeing the annihilation of the one in order to achieve the complete and total accession of the other, and like any monotheistic system or dictatorship, the cinema industry believes it needs to be absolutist to succeed.
First off, John Boyne's latest adult work, Boyne writes children's fiction too, The Absolutist (Other Press, $16.
The author also satisfies his goal of providing an absolutist perspective by discussing Smith's limited understanding of demand and its relationship to price formation, a concept that would be understood at its most elementary level by a contemporary student with a basic formal introduction to the field.
The Proto-Totalitarian State: Punishment and Control in Absolutist Regimes.
Absolutist historiography has long cast Sully, Richelieu, and Louis XIV as pro-active promoters of centralization who waged successful campaigns to limit dueling amongst the French nobility.
Former interpretations of the central tondo's cloudborne, hieratic Cosimo-Augustus crowned by Fiorenza as an absolutist "apotheosis" reflect Kurt Forster's "Metaphors of Rule" (MKIF 15 [1971] 85-86, 97-98): in 1561, Fedeli, the Venetian ambassador, asserted Cosimo's unbroken divine rule; the tondo manifests Vasari's record of "Cosimo, trionfante e glorioso" in tandem with Florence's historic past.