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Synonyms for absolution

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Synonyms for absolution

the act or an instance of forgiving

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Synonyms for absolution

the condition of being formally forgiven by a priest in the sacrament of penance

Related Words

the act of absolving or remitting

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By a species of pious fraud, for which no doubt the worthy priest found his absolution in the purity of his motives, he declared that, while no positive change was actually wrought in the mind of Middleton, there was every reason to hope the entering wedge of argument had been driven to its head, and that in consequence an opening was left, through which, it might rationally be hoped, the blessed seeds of a religious fructification would find their way, especially if the subject was left uninterruptedly to enjoy the advantage of catholic communion.
"I want to begin the year with New Year absolutions," I said.
I decided I will begin with "absolutions" instead of "resolutions."
leafless, not puddles clarified to ice, the absolutions of fog in a
He bought more absolutions than he could afford and built a chapel on his estate in Slapton where monks provide continuous prayers for him.
Going to the communal penance service with individual absolutions. I feel rushed and just one of the crowd.
At a communal penance service with general absolution. It made me very aware of the communal aspect of my sins.
In an apostolic letter to bishops, the Vatican has announced that some "habitual" sinners can never be forgiven and urged priests to desist from granting group confessions and blanket absolutions. Theological experts said that the term "habitual" was intended to mean gay men, lesbians and Catholics who remarry without first gaining an annulment of their first marriage.
5, 1976, Mass with general absolution. Dozier admitted that such absolution previously was reserved for times of emergency, but he said, "If 10,000 people show up ...