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Synonyms for absolution

Synonyms for absolution

the act or an instance of forgiving

Synonyms for absolution

the condition of being formally forgiven by a priest in the sacrament of penance

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the act of absolving or remitting

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At a communal penance service with general absolution.
That feeling would probably be lost or watered down in a communal service with general absolution.
Being refused absolution because the priest did not think I was sufficiently contrite.
The only thing that cheapens the experience is the lack of respect for general absolution by those who think their church experience is the only valid church experience.
I have experienced the return of several of our own children from the gift of general absolution.
This is tragic and sad--not the loss of general absolution.
Christ gave general absolution to those who approached him.
I think general absolution is a bit on shaky ground.
The letter from the pope said, "It is clear that penitents living in a habitual state of serious sin and who do not intend to change their situation cannot validly receive absolution.