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Synonyms for absolution

Synonyms for absolution

the act or an instance of forgiving

Synonyms for absolution

the condition of being formally forgiven by a priest in the sacrament of penance

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the act of absolving or remitting

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Rather, sinners have been more open to experiences of individual Confessions by the grace of communal services with general absolution. Pronouncements from church authorities have not accomplished this.
The document, to be effective immediately, limits the celebration of General Absolution to situations which are "only in accord with canonical norms", the primary example being where danger of death is imminent.
That feeling would probably be lost or watered down in a communal service with general absolution. Name withheld Minster, Ohio
How can I put my faith in the absolution allegedly granted me?
Anyone aware of having sinned mortally must not receive Communion without having received absolution in the Sacrament of Penance" (#1415).
Until I moved to Halifax in 1997, I had never been to a General Absolution "penitential service." I had in fact never even heard of it.
COWBOY & ALIENS HHH (Film4, 6.45pm) Bearing a mysterious metal shackle on his wrist, an amnesiac gunslinger (Daniel Craig) wanders into a frontier town called Absolution.
Paige suffered an injury to her surgically repaired neck in December but she remains an integral member and will represent Absolution at WrestleMania 34 this weekend.
Sindh Chief Minister Murad AliShah also visited the grave of his father where he laid floral wreaths and offered Fateha Khuwani (prayer for absolution).
To the public, he offers nothing less than full absolution for whatever transpires in their name.
Francis had already temporarily granted the power to all priests to give what is known as "sacramental absolution" for abortion during the Holy Year, from Dec 8 to Nov 20, but the solemn tone of his words in Monday's letter suggested that change would last for at least the rest of his papacy.
It's an awful thing." He went on, "Confession is facing yourself and saying, 'You did this and this is the consequence.' And absolution is going to yourself, 'I know I did and I learned my lesson.'" Sorry, had to pause there to roll my eyes and ponder whether these are the enlightened words of an emotionally intelligent, spiritually evolved man?
Hugh Collingridge 68 trainer of Buzzards Bay & Stormont; Lynda Ramsden 66 trainer of Chilly Billy & Top Cees; Mark Usher 57 (pictured) trainer of Imperial Bailiwick & Miracle Of Medinah; Bert Sonnier 78 trainer of Nodouble & Meadowlake; Tom Tatham 70 owner of Treizieme & Skywalker; Willie Jenks 68 ownerbreeder of Jester & Pearlyman; Richard Watson 90 breeder of Clantime & Airwave; Michael Smith 51 ownertrainer of Orsippus; Paddy Connors 75 rider of Jolly Signal & The Hustler; Bill Tinning 76 former North Yorkshire trainer; Jane Gillies 72 former Fife permit-holder; David Stack 38 manager of Coolagown Stud; Michael Hyman 80 owner of Absolution; Jimmy Carter 91 former US president & racehorse owner
DAVID Cameron says he has received "absolution" from "two of the greatest living Yorkshiremen" after being caught joking about people from the county all hating one another.